Nick Viall And Vanessa Grimaldi Breakup: Nick To Be Next ‘Bachelor’ Again?

No one was surprised by the recent news that The Bachelor couple Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have ended their engagement, just five months after The Bachelor 2017 finale aired. Many in Bachelor Nation were disappointed with Nick picking Vanessa over Raven Gates, so this seemed inevitable to many of us. Could this Nick and Vanessa breakup make it possible for Nick to be the next Bachelor though?

With ABC, you just never know. Many were surprised that producers of The Bachelor picked Nick to begin with. He was the “bad boy” during his two times on The Bachelorette, but then he gained a lot of fans during his time on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. That love for him turned into Nick being The Bachelor 2017, which came to a bitter end five months after the finale.

Despite the joint statement from Nick and Vanessa, we could all see how awkward and forced things were between them. The real shocker here is that they made it five months together and didn’t just end it a week after the finale aired. However, it is time for these two to move on and does that mean The Bachelor 2018 gig for Nick Viall?

We all know that producers love him and the drama he brings to the set. Bachelor Nation is so split over their love-hate for him, so it could boost the ratings. Heck, even Nick could be campaigning for the role, as his latest Instagram post seems to be buttering up to the producers.

Nick has been on The Bachelorette twice, so maybe two times on The Bachelor is next? The thought of it happening is there, but producers will probably lean more towards one of the guys that Rachel Lindsay dumped during The Bachelorette 2017. Peter Kraus and Dean Unglert seem to be the front-runners, but then Eric Bigger seemed to win over many fans during The Bachelorette finale and showing off that beard.

There are many names in the rumor mill right now, but you can officially throw Nick Viall’s name into the mix after his engagement to Vanessa ended.

Would you watch Nick Viall as The Bachelor again?

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]