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Hairspray Star Loses 60 Lbs., But Marissa Jaret Winokur Says She Was Happy At Size 14

Hairspray Star Loses 60 Lbs

News that the Hairspray star who lost 60 lbs. no longer has the trait that in part scored her the role of Tracy Turnblad in the stage reboot of John Waters’ film classic may come as a surprise, but Marissa Jaret Winokur assures fans that her stunning reduction in dress sizes wasn’t for esthetic reasons.

Now that the Hairspray star lost 60 lbs., she wouldn’t be quite a good fit for “Hefty Hideaway” spokeswoman Tracy — whose larger figure was a central plot point to the film and stage adaptations’ themes of acceptance and inner worth versus misconceptions about outside appearances. (And for overweight young women in the 80s and 90s, the movie was an honest but poignant representation of body acceptance in a time where the concept was not yet mainstream, providing a pop culture example of a plus-size woman who dethrones her thinner rival and gets the guy.)

In keeping with Hairspray‘s consistent messages, however, Winokur explains immediately that it wasn’t for looks-related reasons that she dropped excess weight — rather, the Broadway star says, her doctor advised her to diet for health reasons.

TV Guide quotes Winokur:

“When I was a size 14, I was super happy… The Doctor [was] saying I’m not healthy…so I need[ed] to change my way of life. But, interestingly enough, there are moments in my life [where] I felt more comfortable in that body sometimes than in this body.”

Even at a smaller than average size two, however, the Hairspray star says that while she lost 60 lbs., she still isn’t considered thin by Hollywood standards. Winokur adds:

“I definitely have moments where I’ll go to an audition or a meeting and girls are just so much skinnier… I’m still in Hollywood. I still will be considered a chubby actress.”

The Insider quotes the Hairspray star as admitting:

“I still have ’em because I’m sure I’ll gain it all back. I know it’s horrible, but here’s the thing… my fear is, what do you do? I have jeans that fit me great and what if I gain it back? I need those jeans.”

Do you think Winokur’s 60 lb. weight loss is an improvement, or did you love her look in Hairspray, too?

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66 Responses to “Hairspray Star Loses 60 Lbs., But Marissa Jaret Winokur Says She Was Happy At Size 14”

  1. Maria Triveri

    Okay, I"M happy that she lost 60 pounds. Good for her, she looks great. BUT,.. could someone please tell me why every woman who is over weight in hollywood is always a sz 14? Really, that picture of her before she dopped the weight is not a picture of a woman who is a sz 14. She looks more like a sz 18-20.. I work in a plus sz clothing store for woman, and I"m pretty good at guessing their sizes. That was like Kristi Alley saying she was a size 14 when she weighed like 220 pounds. When you weigh that much your sz is more like 22-24.

  2. Dawn Rice

    There is no way in Hell that she was a size 14 (more like a 18-20), and based on that picture above, I seriously doubt that she's a size 2 now. I know the camera adds some pounds, but not that much. If she doesn't want people to think she lost weight for the purpose of her appearance and if she truly wants to be a role model, she should be honest.

  3. Heather Thornton

    If you watch the video if she is like 5 ft tall she could be a size 2…when I was a size 2 I had a belly like tht but I am super short so I can wear smaller sizes…like when I ws 160 lbs I am a sz 10…when most girls who are avg height would be a size 14…as for her largest she looks like a 16 18 but she also said she gained 40 lbs in the video that would be on her size 14 frame.

  4. Anonymous

    That's not necessarily true because I know for a fact that at 260 i wear an 18/20. I just bought clothes. It depends on where you buy, how it fits etc., and how you are built. But, I don't think Kristi was 220 according to her pictures.

  5. Paula Lovell

    She looks great and since she's only 5 feet tall, 60 lbs is a lot of weight. But I agree, she is probably closer to a regular size 6 or 8, which is plenty small. It's called vanity sizing. No one wants to pay a grand for a designer dress in a size 20, so the top size is a 14, no matter how much it has to be "altered". I read that Jennifer Hudson was trying on size zeros at some designer boutique. She's thin, but she isn't a size zero, thank goodness! Kirstie Alley said she got down to a size 4 and Tim Gunn said "vanity sizing".

  6. Le Shawni Kelly

    She was short, so she looked bigger. I am 5'10, so when I was 260, no one thought I was that big. So everyone is not the same. You can weigh the same , but wear different sizes.

  7. Bonnie Beck

    She might have lost 60 pounds but she was no way in hell a size 14 a 18-22 maybe and now she is a 14.I'm glad for her but let's be real about it, and no way is she a sz 2 either her arms are a sz 2.

  8. Lydia White

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks 10 years older in the "after" picture?

  9. Vanessa Nelson

    Actually Maria, its because she is super short, I'm 5'8 and weigh 215 and I wear a size 14. It's not just weight but how the weight is carried. Some people are leaner than others. I have always been athletic even though overweight, when I tell people how much I weigh they are surprised because I don't look like I'm in the 200s but hey. I'm thankful people think that way lol

  10. Carolyn West

    She looks great, but I have to agree the clothing size is really off. I am about her height and am definitely much thinner than she looks in that 2nd photo… and I wear a size 6. She can't be a size 2 and it's sad that it even makes a difference. I just wish people would be honest about their weights and sizes.

  11. Lisa Garcia

    I remember in 1992 a 26 inch waist was a size 7. Now it's like a 2 or 4… stupid vanity sizing..

  12. Christine Russell

    If you have two women, 1 who is 5'7" and one who is 5'2" and they each weigh 150 lbs., the 5'7" woman would probably wear a smaller size, not the other way around…just sayin'

  13. Amy Leibee Mordaunt

    Yeah, I was a 14 back in my hs days. At same weight today, I'm a 10.

  14. Sharon Marie

    If you listen, She said she was a size 8 and the guy working at the store brought her as size 2. She was flattered and bought it anyway.

  15. Cynthia Naylor

    Maria you are right. I have weighed as much as 305 and as low as 150 my adult life and at my current weight of 200 I wear a size sixteen. There is a program in the clothing industry called vanity sizing. as the years go by the sizes go down. In 1988 when I weighed 150 I was a size 14. In 2008 when I weighed 185 I was a size 14. This being said Marissa congrats,

  16. Jossie Gregg

    K, #1 you sound like a jerk.
    #2 the girl is 5 feet tall so actually, the sizing is correct.
    Nice arrogance though.

  17. Karen Mitchell

    And before that it was a different size too. And odd and even sizes are graded completely differently anyway, so a 7 doesn't have anything to do with a 2 or a 4. It's true that they have changed but I don't get why people get so worked up about "vanity sizing" since the number "0" or "14" doesn't correspond to any real measurement. It would be vanity sizing if they sold a pair of men's 32 pants with a "30" label on.

  18. Sherri E Buzbee

    If she was a size 14 before her weight loss then I'm a 0. She looks like a 14 now maybe, not a 2? WTH who sizes these people?

  19. Joy LachulaNegra

    Wow a 14 is considered overweight & unhealthy? Hollywood standards are by far the most pathetic standards…Being a size 14 is curvy & overwieght, but a size 0-2 is healthy & attractive? NEGATIVE….

  20. Julianne Bishop

    It depends how tall you are and what your body shape is, not just your weight.

  21. Anonymous

    I agree that I was looking at her and thinking, no way was she a 14, & why aren't they saying the true size before, if its okay to say the true size now? However, I just weighed myself at 226, & I wear a size Medium to Large shirt & an XL pant or size 16 pant. I'm totally unproportioned, & haven't always been overweight, it has been increasing overtime as I was diagnosed with PCOS. Either way, her upper body was much too big to be a 14

  22. Tiffany Shaw

    Whatever her size…she appears to be a bit more healthier and ultimately that is what's important.

  23. Suzanne Hooper

    While I am very happy for her, there is NO way she was a "size 14" ~ at 5' 6" and between 150 to 170lbs, I have fluctuated between a 12-14 for years and she was MUCH larger. Closer to a size 18 to 20 with her weight and height.

  24. Heather Light

    I agree structure has a lot to do with its I was 300.6 and a size 22 Im 5'8 Ive lost almost 40lbs in the last few months and wear and 18 at 263.

  25. Judy Mannella

    REALLY? That's a size 18 or 20…….. She looks great… but really it's a weight loss not surviving cancer, if that's her biggest problem she's lucky. eample: I am 5'2 & was 149lbs & I was a sz 14, lost 30lbs & went to a sz 6…. who cares. I care about all the people in CT & Sandy Hook School & how they will move on with life. Take that hairspray girl.

  26. Heather Hendricks Richardson

    She has already survived cervical cancer. I bet the fact that she was diagnosed at 27 and had a hysterectomy was a bigger problem.

  27. Molly Tippen

    That's the only thing about losing weight once you past 30. I lost a lot of weight, but I would love to have my plumper face back . . . .

  28. Anonymous

    she may be a size 14 now…but no way before losing 60 lbs was she a size 14…she looks like she was closer to a 18, 20 or 22. She looks fine now but her face does look older; fat tends to fill in the wrinkles!

  29. Judith Randall

    That's right–size 18-20 is more like it. Unfotunately, her nose looks much bigger since she lost weight. And she refers to going up against "skinnier" women in auditions. "Skinnier" means that she's skinny, or at least thin, hardly the case. She should say, "Up against skinny women," to be accurate. It must be a requisite that all actresses, or would-be actresses, are delusional, or just in deep denial. But, whatever works…

  30. Judy Mannella

    i am glad she did, thank god. i'm just sayin….. it's not just her & didn't mean to single her out but it's all the stars they write about….. pros & cons to everything I guess, so many other serious issues that need to be dealt with… & that's our sociaty, 21st century be well & safe merry christmass & happy new year

  31. Lorraine Daisey Filipek

    I agree..I don't care if she's short…that child was at least a 20 or 22…not a 14.

  32. Kellie Arrowood

    scyren I agree…I weigh 250 and I wear 18-20. I choose 20 because they're more comfortable.

  33. Susan Greene

    The sizing on clothes is absurd. I was a 7/8 in college 30 years ago at 116 lbs and now at 142 lbs I'm supposed to believe I'm a 10? Give me a break. I'm really a 12, and with a few more pounds ought to be a 14. When I buy vintage clothes, I'm a solid 12. If I buy a 12 from current clothing outlets, they fall off me. It's all vanity. Sooner or later, a cup of food will be 1 and 1/4 cups, just so we don't "feel bad" about how much we are eating.

  34. Mari Peacock

    I was thinking the same thing, that she is maybe a 14 now. She's beautiful either way. Good for her for getting healthier but she shouldn't think people are stupid enough to believe she is a size two.

  35. Juilet Alvarez

    im 4'11" 210 and wear a size 14, i guess its different for some gals out there

  36. Sebastian Catopia

    I am 186 pounds and 5"1 I wear a size 18 sometimes 20. I am very small in my arms and legs but tummy…issues. There is NO way ^ is a size 14. NO way.

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    It's how you feel about yourself that matters. you need to be healthy as well some times that takes precedence.

  39. Ijeoma Okere

    Am I having deja vu? Or did she not lose a bunch of weight a while ago? I feel like I read about her weight loss every few months…but either way good for her!

  40. Anonymous

    Thank you that is sooo true I read these post sometimes and I'm like what? I was 220 and I was a 20 I'm down to a sixteen now but I'm still 190 and losing

  41. Alberta Cannady

    I agree with Maria. I weigh 185 and i wear a size 18 with a girdle. I am looking at the same photo and she appears bigger than me and yet can fit a size 14. I am so baffled..

  42. Kelsey Marie Harrell

    She looked better before to me (they have a horrible example picture). And the doctor citing health reasons, I know women and men larger than that are plenty healthy. So unless she had some ligetimate medical concerns, they were likely just telling her "Hey you're overweight, you should lose it.". To me, happy and healthy is the most important thing. If she wants to lose the weight, good for her. But if she was happy and didn't have any issues like high blood pressure or sugar levels being out of wack, then she was fine. *shrugs* Just my opinion though.

  43. Marilyn Ann R

    sixty pounds lost, yes but a size 14, my foot. I know sizes and that was no size 14. if yer going to talk talk honest. congradulations on the weight loss. no one knows how hard it is to change addicted eating habits to become healthy. carry on. S

  44. Donna Fagan Curtis

    There is NO way she is a size 2. Maybe an 8 or a 10 but NOT a 2. She is a beautiful girl but I don't think she should say she is that small when she really isn't; not a good role model.

  45. Norman Schefer

    She looked fabulous before. She didn't need to lose weight to be a knockout. I hope she did it for health not for Hollywood. Much sexier and unique before. Not a knock on her just my opinion. I love larger women,more real to me.

  46. Daniel N. Manassa

    Karen Mitchell Wait a minute – odd numbers are juniors sizes and even numbers are misses. Juniors sizes are for young women who haven't filled out completely yet from puberty. Misses clothing take into account larger breasts and broader hips. Please don't confuse the issue any more than it is already confused!

  47. Daniel N. Manassa

    Hardly the case? Wow, another person brainwashed by the media that you're not slender if you're not anorexic.

  48. Daniel N. Manassa

    scyren Kirstie Alley was a complete and total liar. She said she was 220 at her heaviest. Now she is between 5' 7" and 5' 8". In her pictures, she was fatter than me and I was 220 at 5' 2"!!! NO WAY she had that huge belly and a larger frame and weighed the same as I did. NO WAY. She had to be 250 at a minimum, and my guess would be more like 275. I hate when celebrities pull that crap, doing the whole public self-flagellation thing and lying the whole time. I think the only who has been honest is Oprah.

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