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Mom Makes Son Hold A Sign In Public As Punishment For Disrespecting His Teacher

Oakland Park, FL – Erol Faustin received a very important life lesson designed to remind him not to talk back to adults. When the 12-year-old boy’s mother learned that he had cursed at his school teacher when instructed to remove his backpack, her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive. Instead of simply grounding the Florida boy or taking away his video games, she instead decided that a more public attitude adjustment was in order.

Lisette Lopez decided that her son should dress up in a suit and hold a sign detailing his disrespectful behavior for all to see. When Erol Faustin’s foul language got him suspended from James S. Rickards Middle School, she felt the punishment was not strong enough to fit the crime, NewsOne notes.

The upset mother made Faustin hold a sign which read, “I disrespected my teacher. I would like to apologize to not only that teacher but to all adults.” The boy held the sign during each of the three days he was suspended from school for cursing, The New York Daily News reports.

It is refreshing to know that there are still parents who discipline their children properly and work hard to instill proper values. Children used to be worried when a teacher or principal threatened to call home to mom and dad after a problem at school. Most students knew without a doubt that being in trouble at school meant that you would be in even more trouble when you got home.

Unfortunately, parental follow-up does not always materialize. Sometimes teachers are forced to deal with parents who do not believe that their little angelic faced offspring could possibly ever do anything wrong and chastise the educator for making a child skip recess.

Lopez had this to say about making her son carry a sign because he disrespected his teacher:

“This isn’t for a punishment. It’s for him to understand that I’ve tried everything I could and if this is what it takes, then this is what it takes. He has a younger sister and brother who look up to him. He needs to be a role model.”

Lisette Lopez channeled an effective behavior correction style from the old days. Students standing at the chalkboard writing “I will not talk” a few dozen times while the rest of the class had fun during art class left a lasting impression on the youngster’s psyche. Kudos to Lopez for taking her duty to parent seriously.

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2 Responses to “Mom Makes Son Hold A Sign In Public As Punishment For Disrespecting His Teacher”

  1. Jennifer Miller

    I believe it is important to follow through with the threats parents. Make its important that a parent needs to balance to punishment to fit the crime… My daughter stole a bracelet from a discount store and I caught her she was 3 or 4 gd… She knew it was wrong and I took her back in to the store and had the security talk to her and say he was going to have to call the police. She cried! Then she was grounded from playing with her friends for 3 mos.
    My daughters is 19 and is a thriving individual successful at working at Starbucks, going to college and is on the worship team at church. The most important part of parenting, is to be a good listener, show respect to your own child, be a excellent example, talk with them not at them and most most importantly love them. I can't stress enough the importance of loving your children.

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