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‘Morally Obtuse’ Piers Morgan Calls Gun Lobbyist Larry Pratt ‘Unbelievably Stupid’ [Video]

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Quick question: How does CNN host Piers Morgan feel about guns? One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t have any idea from his Tuesday night interview with Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, during which he called the staunch gun rights advocate an “unbelievably stupid man.”

Gun Owners of America is a controversial gun lobbying firm that has even criticized the NRA in the past for being too lenient. Morgan, for his part, has spent nearly every waking hour since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut politicizing the issue of gun control on Twitter, airing his grievances against gun violence in the US without apology or decency, according to his critics.

Gawker notes that Morgan has been trying to bait NRA members to come on his show Piers Morgan Tonight to argue their perspective for days, and that Pratt was really just a stand-in for the CNN host to vent on.

Around the 4-minute mark, Morgan throws out anything resembling professional conduct, and labels Pratt an “unbelievably stupid man.”

PRATT: It seems to me that you’re morally obtuse. You seem to prefer being a victim to being able to prevail over the criminal element. And I don’t know why you want to be the criminal’s friend.

MORGAN: What a ridiculous argument. You have absolutely no coherent argument whatsoever. You don’t give a damn, do you, about the gun murder rate in America? You don’t actually care.

A few diversions aside, the argument is actually a pretty good one for both sides of the gun control issue. Gun rights advocates will likely find themselves nodding in agreement with Pratt’s perspective, while fed-up gun control advocates will be shaking their fists at him alongside host Morgan.

The difference here is a minor one, but we should note that Piers Morgan isn’t a guest pundit. He’s the host of this show. He can still get his point across with a bit more tact, and it’s a shame he didn’t do so. Obviously, his emotions have compromised him on the issue:

Anyway, here’s the video. Who do you side with? The “morally obtuse” Piers Morgan, or the “unbelievably stupid” Larry Pratt?

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9 Responses to “‘Morally Obtuse’ Piers Morgan Calls Gun Lobbyist Larry Pratt ‘Unbelievably Stupid’ [Video]”

  1. John Catlett

    Piers Morgan
    You need to take your yellow streak and go back to england were you belong, because.
    you are the stupid one. We in Americans have a right to have guns because of the Second Amendment.You stupid brits gave up your right before World War 11 and if Americans had not rearmed england during the war you would be speaking German. You brits were stupid not once but twice. Bottom Line if you don't like our laws go back ware you came from.
    YOU ARE THE Stupid One Guns save more lives than they take.

  2. Michael Murray

    wow – what startling American responses. That will certainly get rid of the one million people who get shot every rate decade. Well done.

  3. Lea Johnson

    Will you people learn the meaning of the word "obtuse"? I seen this word misused over and over recently.

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