A British Judge Has Overruled Sally Roberts' Wishes And Ruled That Her Son Neon Will Have A Potentially Life-Saving Operation Today

Neon Roberts: Judge Overrules Runaway Mother’s Wishes And ‘Death By Doctor’ Beliefs, Son Will Have Surgery Today

Neon Roberts, the seven-year-old British boy at the center of a parental battle over his treatment, will have a potentially life-saving brain operation today — despite his mother’s refusal of consent.

On Tuesday, a high court judge ordered that surgery to remove a “high risk” residual brain tumor would take place on Wednesday after doctors warned Neon would certainly die without the procedure, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Neon’s mother, Sally Roberts, a former music DJ now resident in the UK but originally from New Zealand, sparked a nationwide hunt earlier this month when she disappeared with her son from their Devon home before a scheduled court appearance to decide on Neon’s treatment.

Found four days later in Brighton after her estranged husband alerted police, Mrs. Roberts ran away to prevent her son from having radiotherapy over fears the treatment “could leave him disabled,” said The Guardian.

Although the pair were found four days later, the dispute between Mrs Roberts and her estranged husband became more urgent after MRI tests on Neon last week revealed that a half-inch mass — medulloblastoma — from a previous tumor had returned.

After medical experts — including neurosurgeons, radiologists, pathologists, and oncologists — testified in court that Neon desperately needed the surgery, the judge agreed.

Judge Overrules Sally Roberts Refusal Of Consent, Her Son Neon Will Have Potentially Life-Saving Surgery Today