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60-Vehicle Pileup Closes I-5 In California

60 Car Pile Up

A massive 60-car pileup on Interstate-5 has caused the interstate to be closed going north through Siskiyou County.

It is believed that ice on the roadway triggered the accident, which reportedly involves seven injuries and no fatalities, according to CBS Local.

Cal Fire confirmed that the pileup occurred on a two-mile stretch of the West Coast interstate between Yreka and Hornbrook, just south of the border with Oregon.

The accident was first reported around 6:18 pm local time when a semi truck hit a concrete wall after it lost control going over a patch of black ice. A witness reported that she was lucky to drive through the accident area without a problem, though she heard the semi truck hit something as well as a series of other crashes.

The witness drove to the closest rest stop and called 911. I-5 is currently closed in both directions while authorities work to clear up and investigate the 60-car pileup. A shelter has been set up at the Siskyous County Fairgrounds in Yreka while emergency crews work the scene and take witness statements.

FOX 40 reports that there were multiple injuries, though the majority of the cars were not badly damaged. Seven of those injured in the I-5 pileup have been taken to hospitals in the area, including one that was taken by air ambulance to a hospital in Medford, Oregon.

It is not clear when I-5 will re-open both ways. The temperature in Yreka at the time of the accident was below freezing, and overnight temperatures in the area are expected to be below 21 with a chance of snow.

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28 Responses to “60-Vehicle Pileup Closes I-5 In California”

  1. Anonymous

    These massive pileups have become all too common Ban CARS. Come on Obaboon do something Ban these contraptions their entire purpose is to maim and kill. Pass some laws banning cars. What is wrong with you Obaboon?

  2. Anonymous

    Oh we can't have this. We're going to have to regulate these things. Innocent people are being harmed by these cars. I don't know anyone who hunts with one of these things. And what about the children? They could catch a finger in the door and then years later they might not be able to flip you off when you tell them they can't have the car. Oh Oh Oh Oh…..damn…I've shit in my pants…..that's it, we're going to ban underwear….and shit….OH OH OH…..

    Stupid humans.

  3. Bob Cannon

    Ban cars in California or get Joe Biden to lead a team to detemine what to do about this problem.

  4. Tom Clyatt

    Umm, that's a picture of Southern California, not Siskiyou county…

  5. Reid Wagner

    Californians should be banned from the highways with inclement weather.

  6. Linda Hernandez

    It a picture of Northern California. Siskyou County is close to the Oregon border.

  7. Anonymous

    Well – actually I think most people should be. You would think Iowans would be able to handle snow since we're so used to it. Guess what…people drive in rain in the middle of summer as if it's pure ice. And I can't even get into how terrified they are to drive in snow – but yet they do it anyway.

  8. Pat Blacklock

    I used to drive a Semi and hit a patch of black ice whle driving on a rainy day. Fortunately I was the only person injured but I totaled my rig. I had driven this hiway many times before in winter and never had a problem. And, if it were not for my seat belt, I would have been killed. Black Ice is an unseen hazzared and can be very dangerous. Even one of the responding officers spun out on the same patch of black ice when reporting to the accident scene. Black Ice has nothing to do with snow.

  9. John Hoelck

    Ahh, the STUPIDITY of a Mid Western fool! Wonder why the mid west is full of incest?

  10. Freddie Hight

    I have driven I-5 n/b and s/b hundreds of times and this picture is NOT near Hornbrook, Ca. Typical
    FOX news. If the accident was really near Hornbrook and the lady had passed the truck she had to drive into Oregon to the next rest area because the last rest area in California is south of Hornbrook and is known as the Collier Rest Area. Dumb reporting

  11. Anonymous

    Idiot drivers never seem to slow down when there's evidence of road hazards: heavy blowing snow, blowing dust, smoke, and/or fog. No, these idiots have "gotta-get there" right now, and have no idea of what's up ahead. In the end, are the causes(s) of major inter-state pile-ups.

  12. Anonymous

    Blame Bush, he refused to sign the new highway bill that he was supposed to sign before he left office (with his tail between his legs).

  13. Matt Walton

    I bet the 1st car to the last car to crash was within 10 seconds of each other.

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