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Tim Tebow Wants To Leave Jets After Greg McElroy Lands Starting Spot [Report]

Tim Tebow Won't Run Wildcat For Jets, But Still No. 2 Quarterback

Tim Tebow reportedly wants to leave the New York Jets.

And who can blame him?

Tebow was brought to New York as a co-quarterback, but he hasn’t taken too many snaps this season. Tebow has had to stand on the sidelines and watch as Mark Sanchez repeatedly gives poor performances on the field. Sanchez’ play this season led Tebow to believe that his time to shine was right around the corner, but, when the Jets finally made the decision to replace Sanchez, they went with Greg McElroy instead of the former Mile High Messiah.

According to the Sports Xchange, McElroy will be the Jets starting quarterback next Sunday when the team takes on the San Diego Chargers.

After benching Sanchez, Coach Rex Ryan said:

“I think it’s best for our team, and for this game … I have to look at what I think is the best for the team and not necessarily the individual. I’ll say this about Tim and I’ve always said it: I know he wants to help this team be successful in the worst way and there’s no doubt about that.”

Tebow may want to help out the Jets, but that’s a little hard to do when you’re stuck on the sidelines. The Seattle Times reports that the former Heisman Trophy winner will reportedly ask to be traded at the end of this season.

Tebow has only played in 11 games this season and has only thrown 8 passes. He has rushed 32 times for a total of 102 yards.

Do you think it’s time for Tim Tebow to leave the Jets?

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41 Responses to “Tim Tebow Wants To Leave Jets After Greg McElroy Lands Starting Spot [Report]”

  1. Nene Deron

    I think it s time for tim to this team, the coach and staff does nt like him from the beginning till now……. leave go somewhere that you could shine..

  2. Lua Bear

    I like Tebow. He is all heart, no one can deny that; but he could make a real difference in another line of work, just not football.

  3. Seth Adams

    Am I the only one who thinks Rex Ryan is an egotistical, overrated, fat ass, fat mouth jerk?

  4. Anonymous

    I agree that Tim should leave the Jets. His teammates don't appreciate him and Ryan should be fired "for the good of the team" Rex Ryan is not head coach material. He is the main problem, especially for sticking with Sanchez way too long. I'd love to see Tim go to Jacksonville where he will be appreciated and I believe could help out that struggling team.

  5. PJ Perske

    Let him go. He should be able to play with a team that wants him, puts him to work at what he does best! Quarterback.

  6. Anonymous

    Linda, the Jets and their "coach"would have to improve to be idiots.

  7. Hope Williams

    I think that Tebow should do what he feels is right and if he is the christian that he seems to be that God will do what is best for him and hopefully he will recpgnize this…I think he can be an asset at whatever he does..Football included.

  8. Anonymous

    Dennis Cassilly He doesn't have to perfect grammar, nor perfect sentence structure, to be free to express his opinion here. Might I add, you failed to use proper sentence structure as well. For instance, the first letter of the first word in a sentence must be capitalized, and there is to be a period at the end of each sentence. If you're that bored, go play with yourself. That's just sad.

  9. Anonymous

    *doesn't have to have. See… I bet you still understood. You'll probably read 3 times before you see my typo. smh

  10. Katherine Birch Sorensen

    that's a horrible thing to say. He was the Heisman Trophy Winner. He must have done something right to get that reward. He is an established Christian and many many people don't like that. But America needs young men like him and I for one say he should play. The Jets are not going anywhere anyway, so what the heck, let him play. Maybe the Jets will become a winner, but saying that I honestly doubt it. They have a player problem. The hire someone and then they don't like them. i.e. Favre. So Tim follow your instincts and do what you want to do, but please don't let the Jets off the hook. They drafted you, I am sure the Jets wasn't your first choice. Good Luck.

  11. Marc Gregory Jensen

    Tebow get as far away from the Jet's organization as fast as possible. They are the joke of the league and their coach is a joke. Sanchez should have been benched 8 games ago and the Jet's would have made the playoffs. While Tebow is not your typical QB he is a winner and would have willed his team to victory over the Tennessee Titans yet Rex stuck with Sanchez. Great job coaching Rex lmao.

  12. Marc Gregory Jensen

    Katherine unfortunately Jason is right. Tebow is a great athlete but to be an NFL starting quarterback you have to be an accurate passer. While he was the heisman winner it was due to his running ability not his passing. As far as him being a Christian happy for him and i think he is an incredible athlete but he is not a starting QB. Maybe try Tight End he is physical enough for sure. Either way i wish him luck and hope he gets far away from the Jets organization.

  13. Dara LeangSor

    All he needs is chances and the NYJ does not give it to him. It's bad that they don't trust his arm. I know teams will blitz him 9/10 but he can throw and run, I mean his throw might take longer than the average QBs but to me he can throw and he can a different. On MNF, the Jets has so many opportunities, I bid if the Jets let Tebow play in the 4th quarter, he'll put out the win.

  14. David Knight

    good to see he is a man of god but that has nothing to do with how terrible tebow is as a qb. Wildcats don't work in the playoffs or as your primary offense.

  15. Anonymous

    Katherine Birch Sorensen Tebow wasn't drafted by the jets, he was drafted by the Denver Bronco's as the 25th overall pick in the 2010 Draft, then traded to the New York Jets. Also, why does the fact that he's christian matter at all? Just because someone is christian doesn't mean they are a good role model. If you can't be a good QB in the NFL then you don't deserve to play no matter color, religion, or sexual preference. Teams care about winning games and a super bowl ring, that's it.

  16. Raymond Primrose

    He's not being respected and should get the hell out and not say good bye!

  17. Antony Vacchi

    I don't know why he went there in the first place. Who the hell ever heard of coquarterbacks in the pros. The Jets are an even bigger Joke than the Chargers and that's saying some.+.

  18. Kathleen Dow

    Tim should have gone to Jacksonville in the first place. After leading Denver into the playoffs last season, Elway should've given him a choice on where to be traded. Instead, Elway threw him under the bus w/out so much as a by-your-leave. Tim has a good attitude, and I'm sure that given a chance, he'll be successful wherever he goes.

  19. Anonymous

    Tim Tebow is a winner. He will be successful wherever he lands. He trusts God's plan for his life and has been waiting for God's perfect timing. The Jets will be sorry they missed their shot with him as their leader, since it appears that they have neither in the huddle, nor on the coaching staff.

  20. Joyce Richardson

    He has stayed way too long at the "dance" — he is a better person and player than that organization deserves! Rex Ryan is a JOKE as a coach and has never supported Tebow as a rookie quarterback, never mind that he is an awful, awful coach, just recall his game calls…..Lack of support and religious prejudice just have not served this talented young player!

  21. John Paul Carroll Sr.

    who has a brain for the jets? I'm neither for or against tebow! I like to watch him in the 4th. qtr. coaches need to go! your team is losing and has a bad attitude and a big mouth! tebow is one of the best 4th qtr qb's in the nfl. look what he did at denver. why not use tebow like a relief pitcher. if don't agree, ok, u name a better 4th. qtr. qb by comebacks to win game when behind in 4th. tebow when he is in form can bring more fans/tv viewing at qb position. I would like to see how many people watched 4th. qtr of denver game last year! don't worry everything works out but jets have not had success withy farve except selling jersies and attendance and have farve next yr in minnesota gets to finals! wake up gen mgt. and coaching staff!

  22. Dent Cermak

    Tbow is held back, not because of his skills, but rather the PC notions about his "Tbowing". Maybe that will soon change. Seems RGIII is VERY POPULAR and he pulls no bones about his belief system, his right to follow that system and his giving thanks after each scoring drive. Tbow has a ton of talent. All he needs is a team that can believe in him and a little training and experience and then he will outdo the Mannings and Farve combined.

  23. Anonymous

    Cam newton is an athlete and tim tebow is an athlete. But Cam newton went 6-10 as a starter last year, and we all know about his lackluster start this season. Tim Tebow is 7-4 as a starter took his team to the playoffs beating the steelers, a top 5 defense at the time. The fact that they havent given him a shot is mind boggling, what is there to lose?

  24. Jerry Shanes

    I would love to see him in tennessee, rex ryan is coaching like a pee wee coach,, he don't have a clue,, he sucks, everyone knows when he puts tim in its a running play,, why don't you just hand them your stupid play book, as for sanchez you just cant help but laugh when he gets that what just happened look,, what does the coach see, someone tell me.

  25. Khaytea Page-Terrel

    well who knows wtf is going on…. some reports are now saying that he's gay and hats the porblem.maybe he's just havin a rough year. ever think hays got issues? I know some people have riough times , but its a GANEm give him a b43qk.

  26. James Herald

    tebow would make a great dogcatcher he was good in colleage but went to hell after he become pro.

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