NFL Trade Rumors: LeSean McCoy Reportedly On Trade Block, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Showing Interest

The Buffalo Bills are rumored to entertaining trade proposals for LeSean McCoy, signaling that the team may be ready for a full rebuild and the NFL offseason could still have some more fireworks.

The Bills have shifted into rebuilding mode under coach Sean McDermott, trading wide receiver Sammy Watkins and cornerback Ronald Darby in separate trades that allowed the Bills to stack up on draft picks. The team now has two first and two second round picks in 2018, giving them plenty of ammo in what looks to be one of the best quarterback drafts in years.

The team may not be done making moves. There are growing rumors that the Bills are considering trading LeSean McCoy, and there may already be an interested party. Bills beat writer Sean Moran reported that there are rumblings in Tampa that the Buccaneers are interested in swinging a trade for the Pro Bowl running back, which would likely vault the Buccaneers to playoff contender in the NFC South.

Moran did not report what the Bucs would need to part with in exchange for McCoy, but it would likely include more draft picks. McCoy was consistently one of the best running backs in the league over the last five years, but is nearing 30 and has a hefty cap hit of close to $9 million for the next three seasons.

It is not clear how much truth there might be to the rumors that LeSean McCoy is on the trade block. The reports initially started with Evan Silva, who primarily covers fantasy football for Rotoworld and didn’t appear to be citing any actual inside sources.

Patrick Moran, who reported the latest rumor connecting McCoy to the Bucs, also failed to cite any actual sources from either team, just saying there are prevalent rumors.

That hasn’t stopped many football outlets from speculating about the NFL trade rumors and what it might mean for the Bills and whatever trade partner they may find. The Fansided blog House of Houston noted that McCoy could be a good fit for the Texans, but wasn’t clear on what it could cost to get him.

LeSean McCoy is not the only member of the Buffalo Bills to show up in the latest NFL trade rumors. There have also been reports that the team could be shopping quarterback Tyrod Taylor and linebacker Reggie Ragland, who missed his rookie season with injury and now appears an odd fit for McDermott’s new defense.

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