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Frankie Valens Now A Pastor In Kansas

frankie valens

Frankie Valens has been out of the music game for a little while now but the former pop star has finally found a new gig. Valens will be performing every Sunday at the First Christian Church in Syracuse. Yes, Frankie Valens is now a pastor.

Valens said that he’s been preaching on the road for years during concerts but he’s never done it from behind the pulpit.

The pop star told the Houston Chronicle:

“I have never preached a sermon. I mean, we’ve been on the road and ministered in concert and I’ve told my testimony and stuff like that, but never in the pulpit, you know. I mean, people come to hear me sing, so I’m thinking, ‘Maybe I could sing my sermon.’ “

Valens, who found fame with songs like This Magic Moment and The Lion Sleeps Tonight, said that he’s always seen himself as an “everyday Joe.” Valens has been going by Frank Piper, his original name, for years now and that’s how most people in the community know him.

According to the Washington Post, Valens has been touring the country and doing gospel shows with his wife Phyllis for the last several years. When the pastor position opened up at the First Christian Church In Syracuse, Valens and his wife decided to set up shop.

The Houston Chronicle notes that Valens’ father, Bernie Piper, was a pastor at the church in the 1970s.

Valens said:

“Dad only stayed here two years, but people here loved them. He always wanted me and my brother to be preachers. My brother was for awhile, and that was the furthest thing from my mind. I went to Bible college for two semesters and that was all I could take.”

That, of course, has changed.

Valens is still singing songs at the age of 70 but most of his music is gospel related. The singer is even releasing a gospel album this week.

Are you surprised that Frankie Valens is a pastor?

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14 Responses to “Frankie Valens Now A Pastor In Kansas”

  1. Anonymous

    I checked The Tokens Band.This gentleman is not even listed on the roster.

  2. David Scates

    Jay and the Americans and the Drifters had This Magic Moment. He may have sang them but they weren't hits by him. I never heard of him.

  3. Harry Pitz

    FAKE! Ritchie Valens is not Frankie Valens. Ritchie died in the plane crash that took Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper.

  4. Jacqueline Mueller

    He isn't.. I don't know why they would specify that he is when he even stated in an interview that he gave it all up for Christ! He is a preacher in Syracuse, Kansas, now.. I don't understand the miscommunication on the post!

  5. Vince Vasholtz

    I'm sure he is a great guy but too many Kansas people are going crazy about this guy on Facebook thinking that he is some really famous dude. I believe they are thinking he is the La Bamba guy. lol.

  6. Barbara Hartley

    Obviously you haven't heard the Valens'. I DO remember Frankie Valens from when I lived in California years ago. Read his story and listen to him sing "Unchained Meloldy". Better yet, go to see them. I went to one church in Woodbine, KS to see and hear them and was so impressed that I sent to Soloman, KS the next night and was blessed again. I now live in Wyoming, but will always remember Frankie Valens!

  7. Malik Dubstep Allday Folenius

    he did in the jungle on the lion king

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