This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Explains All The Events That Will Happen In The Season Finale

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already just a few days away from the penultimate season finale of Game of Thrones. Naturally, too, there is more than one Game of Thrones theory that abounds on the internet about just what, exactly, is going to happen during the season finale. The good news, too, is that many a Game of Thrones’ theory has come to pass thanks in no small part to the eagle-eyed research of such sites as Watchers on the Wall, the show’s definitive spoilers and theories hub.

But the Game of Thrones theory that’s getting the most traction as of late, according to NME, has to do with the so-called “Lord of Light” that’s been mentioned more than a few times in these past episodes.

We all saw, of course, the dramatic moment when the Night King felled Viserion — one of the Khaleesi’s beloved dragons — only to bring him back to life to join his own forces. But what many may have missed is the importance of the falling of Thoros, one of the Brotherhood Without Banners, after he was mauled by an undead bear.

This all suggests that there’s some truth in the Game of Thrones theory the “Lord of Light” — the mythical god worshiped by the likes of the Lady Melisandre and the Brotherhood Without Banners — is behind all of the chaos going on in Westeros today. This, then, means that he’s not a god of light and peace, but a god of war.

This Game of Thrones theory is further supported by the theory set forth by Buzzfeed, which suggests that there’s a reason the Night King came prepared with three spears to throw at the dragons, and two swords to kill Jon and Daenerys – because he knew what was coming. (He even brought the chains to get the dragon out of the water!)

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  • We’ll recall that, not long ago, the Night King marked Bran Stark, and he even had the power to interrupt his visions! This suggests that the Night King knew, thanks to Bran’s visions, that the Targaryens were on their way, and that the ultimate battle will be between the Lord of Light and the Night King.

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