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Longmont, Colorado Shooting Leaves Four Dead In Suspected Murder Suicide

longmont colorado shooting murder suicide

Weld County, CO – Four people are dead in a Colorado shooting in Weld County, and police say that the incident is believed to be a murder-suicide.

The Colorado shooting deaths were the subject of a press conference this morning at 8:30 local time, where police in Longmont confirmed that three murders and an apparent suicide had occurred at Longview Estates in Longmont sometime around 4 am.

Scant details on the victims of the Longmont shootings have been disclosed by press, but the Denver Post says one of the people shot may have been a teenage girl

According to police in Weld County, a 911 call came in during which an apparent victim and the alleged shooter were audible, and Weld County Sheriff”s Office spokesman Tim Schwartz explained:

“The disptacher hears her say, ‘No, no, no.’ Then the dispatcher hears gunshots … A male party then gets on the phone, says he’s going to kill himself. The dispatcher hears another gunshot.”

Local resident Leslie McGill told the Post that, while she didn’t know the victims, everyone is shaken up given the recent, high-profile shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

McGill explains:

“I got a phone call this morning from a relative saying, ‘I just needed to hear your voice,’ … The big thing is I don’t know how I’m going to tell my son about this after the school shootings and now the shooting here.”

Below is a video of the press conference in Weld County regarding the triple murder-suicide.

ABC reports that the four victims of the Longmont, Colorado shooting appear to be related and that there were two males and two females dead at the scene.

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12 Responses to “Longmont, Colorado Shooting Leaves Four Dead In Suspected Murder Suicide”

  1. Devaria Thibeaux Allen


  2. Mike Bagaas

    Actually, Longmont crosses the Weld/Boulder County line (tax income from the new Wal-mart) and this occurred at the very eastern edge of rural Longmont city limits

  3. Erica Castillo

    my thoughts and prayers are with the children in conn., but it's also with the children who die everyday to gun violence (mostly the poor children, mexican, black, and whites) the hyporcracy here is that everyday this happens and the only time we "care" or say "we need to change" is when that violence spills over into "america's backyard". its a shame that we can't treat every victim of gun violence or any violence with the same amount of attention as "america's children". it just seems that the only time these children matter is when it's time to bring up statistics about gun violence, ie: the poor.

  4. Annie Lou

    how about doing something for the children of domestic violence, where is the legal system for these poor children, the system waits until a violent act happens then it steps in to rehabilitate these sickos who hurt them,, but who stands up for them,steps in stops it, no one, we just sit back because we don't want to get involved, its not our kids being hurt so why interfere,, please take a stand and help a child in need if you know they are being abused or beaten in their home life, make their voices heard and help protect them before they become a victim.

  5. Jody Keith-Leishman

    Such a sad story…and you are my second FB friend who has a connection to one of the victims. I'm so sorry for this family's loss. What a true tragedy.

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