‘BB19’ Ratings: CBS Takes A Hit On Viewership Numbers From August 18

BB19 ratings took a bit of a hit on Friday night (August 18). Showcased as a “special” episode of Big Brother 19, CBS provided fans with a bonus hour to watch this week. While it has been a successful endeavor in the past, a lot of viewers tuned out this time around. Could it be due to the subpar double eviction episode that had taken place on Thursday night (August 19)?

A report by TV By The Numbers states that an estimated 5.08 million viewers watched the August 18 Big Brother 19 episode. That would be a low water mark for the reality competition show if the numbers aren’t adjusted up next week. The ratings share for viewers aged 18-49 was also down, with this episode presenting a 1.4 mark in the key demographic.

Getting just over 5 million viewers might be considered a huge disappointment for the time slot, even in the middle of summer programming. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the show had been averaging more than 6 million viewers per episode, continuing the prolonged success that the BB19 cast has had on CBS. Will this dip in the Big Brother 19 ratings be a one-time blip when the season comes to a close in September?

Viewers that tuned in on Thursday night saw Cody Nickson and Elena Davies get sent to the BB19 jury as part of a double eviction night. Many fans posted to social media about how boring the episode had been and that it was one of the worst of the season. While Cody and Elena had been targets for most of the houseguests this summer, sending them out the front door didn’t pack much of a “punch” for viewers tuning in to CBS.

During the “special” August 18 episode of Big Brother 19, producers gave fans an episode packed with clips of moments that had already happened in the BB19 house this summer. It wasn’t really new information for anyone that has been keeping up with the live feeds, and it certainly didn’t fulfill the promises that had been made about it being an exciting Friday night episode.

The big test for the BB19 ratings will be during the Sunday night episode (August 20), when the next Head of Household and their nominations for eviction are revealed. Will the viewers tune in to see what has happened? Or continue tuning out due to recent events in the game? For fans who want to read ahead, another report by the Inquisitr covers those Big Brother 19 spoilers a bit early.

[Featured Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]