Daniel Bryan Ring Of Honor Return Teased By Cody Rhodes At ‘War Of The Worlds’

Earlier this week, Brie Bella said that her husband and former WWE world champion Daniel Bryan would wrestle again. This was a pretty interesting comment since the WWE has made it clear that they will not allow Bryan to wrestle again for their company, but his contract is supposed to end in 2018 and his future is up to him at that point.

Cody Rhodes challenges Daniel Bryan?

On Saturday, Ring of Honor Wrestling held the second day of their annual War of the Worlds event in Liverpool, U.K., and Cody Rhodes successfully defended his Ring of Honor world championship against Sanada.

After Cody Rhodes successfully won his match, he asked if there was anyone left in Ring of Honor that could challenge him. Rhodes then started to lead the fans in the Daniel Bryan “Yes” chant in a mocking way, raising his fingers into the air, a clear teasing of a challenge to the former WWE champion.

Of course, since Daniel Bryan is still under contract to the WWE until 2018, there is no way this can happen for a few more months — if at all. That means that it was just a tease to Ring of Honor fans. Either that, or it was a way to foreshadow a possible return of Daniel Bryan to the company he helped create.

Instead, fan favorite superstar Dalton Castle came out and seemed to step up as the next contender for the Ring of Honor world title. Since the company does not hold as many major events as the WWE, this could lead to a feud that stretches out for a few months, which narrows the gap to the eventual possibility of a Daniel Bryan Ring of Honor return.

Daniel Bryan talks about not wrestling in the WWE

When Brie Bella was talking about Daniel Bryan wrestling again, she said that he had started working on experimental testing and has found something that works to help alleviate the effects of concussions on his brain. This is done through using the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.

Daniel Bryan Ring Of Honor Return Teased By Cody Rhodes At 'War Of The Worlds'

Brie Bella said that she supports Daniel Bryan’s return to the wrestling ring fully. That leads to a recent interview with Daniel Bryan from the Edge and Christian podcast. They asked about him wanting to return to wrestling.

Daniel Bryan said that he is happy but nothing can ever replace wrestling for him and he has goals for wrestling. He also said that the WWE sent him to doctors at UCLA and they cleared him to return to the ring but the WWE would not clear him.

Daniel Bryan Ring Of Honor Return Teased By Cody Rhodes At 'War Of The Worlds'

Daniel Bryan also said that he wants to return to wrestling to send a message to his daughter.

“My daughter is one of the reasons I do want to do it. It’s this idea of teaching her that like, ‘hey, whatever your dream is, whatever your version of wrestling is, like, you can do it, and you can’t let… just because someone says, ‘you can’t do this because we think this,’ that’s not a good reason to stop.”

Daniel Bryan did say that he will never pressure the WWE to put him back into a ring. He even took the blame by not being completely honest about the concussions he suffered in the ring. He then said that there is no reason that he can’t return to the ring, even if it is not as a full-time star.

If the recent Cody Rhodes tease at War of the Worlds is any indication, that Daniel Bryan return will possibly happen in Ring of Honor.

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