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McRib Secrets: What You Don’t Know About McDonalds’ Most Elusive Menu Item

The McDonald’s McRib sandwich is a snowballing food cult growing in popularity each year, and, as we reported earlier, the foodstuff’s ever-increasing fanbase had to wait a bit longer this year for the first McRibs to hit American mouths as the item becomes more firmly tied to the Christmas season. (Below, Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco addresses the McRib’s late appearance in 2012.)

The McRib sandwich has been a strangely compelling item for McDonald’s customers since its 1982 debut. Partially due to its mystique, the McRib sandwich has amassed a devoted followers that have, in the internet age, banded together to track the sandwich’s availability and even created a McRib locator.

Scarcity is a strong part of the McRib’s marketing plan, but the sandwich is also no longer a when-it-appears mystery. The holiday season has, in recent years, also become McRib season — and the menu item appears for a few weeks at Christmas alongside the also-elusive Eggnog Shake.

(McDonald’s also offers 101 reasons to try the McRib if you’ve never sampled the famous sandwich.)

But McRib sandwich fans also seem genuinely compelled by the treat regardless of its availability or lack thereof, and Business Insider recently posted a few McRib sandwich factoids of its own. (Though some not as laudatory as those offered up by McDonald’s itself.)

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