Sebastian Gorka Fired? After Bannon Ouster, Controversial White House Aide Rumored To Be Next

Sebastian Gorka’s days in the White House could be numbered, with rumors that the controversial aide could be the next to be fired after the surprise ouster of Steve Bannon on Friday.

Bannon served as chief strategist to President Donald Trump, but reportedly earned the president’s ire for allegedly leaking to the press about other members of the administration and by stealing the spotlight from Trump. Bannon gave an interview this week that appeared to undercut Trump’s bluster over North Korea, saying that there was actually no military solution planned for North Korea despite Trump’s threats to bring “fury and fire” to the nation.

While the ripples from Bannon’s firing were still spreading, there were immediate rumors that Gorka would soon follow his former Brietbart boss out the door. The Daily Beast reported that Gorka’s future is now “extremely uncertain” and his fate could be in the hands of new chief of staff General John Kelly, who is not happy with Gorka’s frequent and often controversial television appearances.

The report noted that Kelly has conducted an internal review of everyone’s roles in the White House, but that Kelly still “doesn’t know what [Gorka] does except go on TV sometimes.”

Another report from Bloomberg cited White House insiders who believe that Gorka is doomed to be fired as well after Steve Bannon’s firing.

“Sebastian Gorka, a Bannon ally who previously worked with him at Breitbart News, also may face removal from his post as a counter-terrorism aide to the president, said two people with knowledge of the situation,” the report noted.

As Bloomberg noted, Sebastian Gorka has been critical of other key members of the Trump administration. Last week, he said it was “simply nonsensical” for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss potential military responses to North Korean threats.

Sebastian Gorka may not be the only White House staffer to be fired in the wake of Bannon’s ouster. The Washington Post also reported that assistant Julia Hahn could be fired as well, though both may have been angling to stay even before Bannon was fired. The report noted that both had been portraying themselves in talks to colleagues as loyal to Trump first and Bannon second.

Gorka has been one of the most controversial members of Trump’s team. The Forward noted that Gorka is reportedly a member of Vitézi Rend, which The Atlantic described as an “anti-Semitic, quasi-Nazi Hungarian nationalist group.” Gorka also wore a medal associated with the group at Trump’s inauguration in January.

Gorka also had a 2016 arrest for allegedly bringing a gun to an airport.

Sebastian Gorka is reportedly on vacation and has not responded to media requests for comment on the rumors that he could soon be fired.

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