Joel Pollak: ‘Breitbart’ Vs. Trump ‘War’ Begins

As soon as President Donald Trump fired Steve Bannon — or rather, after Bannon submitted his resignation — Joel B. Pollak, the senior editor-at-large at Breitbart News, declared “war” with Trump. As seen in the below tweet, Pollak used the hashtag #WAR in all caps. Joel would follow that tweet up with another, promoting the below article, titled “With Steve Bannon Gone, Donald Trump Risks Becoming Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0,” as reported by Breitbart.

Pollak wrote the piece that has begun to spell “the beginning of the end for the Trump administration,” likening Trump to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Joel called Trump a politico, like Schwarzenegger, a man who won his political office based on a celebrity’s promises to make big changes within a corrupt political system, while appealing to both Democrats and Republicans. However, Pollak wrote that Schwarzenegger abandoned his agenda, along with the people who helped him win his political office.

Joel called Bannon “Trump’s master strategist,” but more importantly, Pollak claimed that Bannon was one of the only people who could tell Trump the truth and criticize the president. Pollak credited Bannon with turning around Trump’s failing 2016 campaign.

“With Bannon gone, there is no guarantee that Trump will stick to the plan.”

According to Pollak, Bannon and Kellyanne Conway were two people that were too valuable for Trump to lose.

Now a downfall for Trump is being predicted by Pollak in Bannon’s absence. Bannon didn’t need his job with the Trump administration, claims Pollak. He said that Bannon was a self-made man who warned Trump against firing James Comey. Although those who voted for Trump were patient, Joel wrote that those same voters will learn if Trump is a failure.

Bannon’s absence means that Trump could go off the rails and away from the former’s plan, and as such, Pollak is crediting Bannon with much of Trump’s success. If Trump would have heeded Bannon’s advice to not fire the former FBI director, the president would have avoided a lot of trouble that came along with firing Comey, Pollak wrote.

Going on to compliment Bannon as a man who wasn’t a “Washington climber,” inferring that others in the Trump administration might be opportunists, Joel said that Trump’s voters will soon learn if they voted for a man whose political career might end up like Schwarzenegger’s in the end.


[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]