‘Ice Road Truckers’ Returns After Losing A Beloved Cast Member

The off-season proved to be a tough time for the truckers after 52-year-old Darrell Ward lost his life in an airplane crash on August 28, 2016. Family, friends, and fans alike were shocked at the news and for many, the new season of Ice Road Truckers won’t be the same without him. He had the kind of charm and personality that many tended to gravitate toward. The Inquisitr shared that Darrell was always one to stop and help a fellow trucker in need, even when they happened to work for rival company Polar Industries.

As fellow cast members struggled to deal with the loss of Darrell, tragedy struck once again for Todd Dewey. His cousin, 45-year-old Gabe Rygaard, died in a car accident the following month on September 16, 2016. Gabe appeared on the popular series Ax Men with several family members, including Todd. On a preview trailer that is currently airing for the new season, Todd talks about losing his cousin, whom he describes as more like a brother to him. He went on to say that after what happened, leaving his family and returning to the ice roads was difficult. His wife made him look her in the eyes as she told him to, “Please come home because we can’t take another loss this year.”

Lisa Kelly was Darrell Ward’s business partner, fellow ice road trucker, and friend. She recently shared another clip for the new season on her Facebook page, which uses Darrell’s own words throughout the video. She posted that the video made her sad, and the first face viewers see on the video is Lisa’s as Darrell talks about ice road trucking.

“I love that feeling of living on the edge,” Darrell says in the clip. “You come into this world with nothing and the one thing you leave with is your memories. I will remember this forever.”

Fans will definitely remember Darrell, and this season of Ice Road Truckers will undoubtedly be difficult to watch at times as other cast members talk about him and how he impacted their lives.

Will you be watching the new season? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Season 11 of Ice Road Truckers premieres on Thursday, August 24 at 10 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

[Featured Image by History Channel]