Mariah Carey Experiencing a ‘Cash Crisis?’ Absolutely Not

Mariah Carey has been the topic of her fair share of negative press as of late after performances that have left attendees feeling entirely underwhelmed due to a low-energy diva.

Additionally, Carey has been taking heat for her weight gain that has body-shamers taking cheap shots at the superstar. Nasty comments have been posted to Mariah’s social media pages by trolls, and the remarks have been completely over the line.

There is no question that Carey has experienced a bit of a tumultuous year as she was set to marry billionaire James Packer, who called off the engagement in the fall of 2016. Until that point, Mariah was in top shape, but ever since, the singer has been steadily gaining weight.

It certainly didn’t help matters that Mariah kicked off 2017 with a horrific performance at the New York City ball drop on New Year’s Eve. The onstage disaster ended with the diva firing her choreographer, as Buzzfeed relays, which may be the reason her shows since have left much to be desired.

The latest rumors surrounding Mariah Carey involve those claiming that the star is experiencing financial difficulties due to her recently unimpressive shows and her lavish lifestyle. OK! is the culprit in regards to this fabrication.

The tabloid claimed that Carey is experiencing a “cash crisis” for a number of reasons, claiming the star “lives like a queen” with “her entourage of 20. ” The publication goes on to claim that Carey ” is not broke yet, but she’s definitely feeling the pinch;” also adding that “Her concerts just aren’t bringing in money the way they used to.”

OK! sources also claim that the superstar is now being forced to live an “almost normal life” by cutting costs and opting out of using private jets and lavish hotels in order to so so. The said insider also shares the hope that the current tour with Lionel Richie will help Mariah climb out of her financial slump.

If it sounds a bit ridiculous, that’s because it is. Mariah Carey is not experiencing financial difficulties and is not being forced to cut costs, as Gossip Cop determined. The superstar is worth an estimated $500 million, and a rep for Carey has stated that the story is an absolute fabrication while insisting “Mariah is not having financial issues.”

[Featured Image by Mark Thompson /Getty Images]