GFW Impact Wrestling Sees Jim Cornette Return To Wrestling Tonight

GFW Impact Wrestling has seen a number of names leave over the last few months, but tonight one of the biggest names in professional wrestling history made his return to the company. Jim Cornette showed up tonight at the Destination X tapings and a photo of his return surfaced on Twitter just moments ago.

Jim Cornette Is Back At Impact Wrestling

This is a huge surprise because Jim Cornette has been highly critical of Impact Wrestling over the years. However, as the photo shows, Cornette was standing face-to-face with Bruce Prichard, someone else who was critical of the company before making his return when Jeff Jarrett took control once again.

To be fair, Jim Cornette was not really critical of the Impact Wrestling performers, but of the decisions the company made under the leadership of Dixie Carter, which included bringing in Vince Russo to book shows. Both Carter and Russo are gone, so the biggest problems that Cornette saw have been eliminated.

To add to the matter, Jeff Jarrett got his start in Tennessee, which is where Jim Cornette cut his teeth as well. Dutch Mantel is one of the legendary wrestlers that Cornette worked with over the years. Also, Bruce Prichard is the brother of Tom Pritchard, one of the bigger stars in Cornette’s now defunct Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

Jim Cornette And His Hiatus From Wrestling

Jim Cornette has not been a part of Impact Wrestling since 2009 and left because of the “bad decisions” the company continued to make. He went to Ring of Honor and ran shows there until clashes with some wrestlers (such as Kevin Owens) caused Cornette to leave that company.

Jim Cornette kept his name in the news thanks to his podcast and his highly outspoken criticism of professional wrestling and the direction it has headed. He was last seen in the WWE when he inducted the Rock N Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame and took part in a WWE Network show where he and Eric Bishoff talked about the old days of wrestling.

Jim Cornette seemed highly unlikely to return to professional wrestling, so his appearance at GFW Impact Wrestling tonight is very much a surprise. There is no word on whether or not he will take part in the creative side, or just work as an on-air talent at this time. From the sound of it, Cornette will be an authority figure.

[Featured Image by WWE]