‘BB19’ Spoilers: How Will Double Eviction Episode Work For ‘BB19’ Cast?

Big Brother 19 spoilers showcase a double eviction episode tonight on the show. The August 17 episode will send two houseguests to the BB19 jury, setting the stage for the remaining nine cast members to work at winning that $500,000 cash prize. The special Thursday night episode begins at 9 p.m. PT/ET on CBS.

The presentation of the episode is a bit complicated, as producers will take the BB19 cast through a week worth of events in less than an hour. It is a crucial episode for several of the houseguests, as securing the power and getting to evade being nominated on August 17 could mean surviving for the rest of the summer in the house. The episode is going to be packed with Big Brother 19 spoilers for fans.

So much is going to take place on Thursday that CBS won’t even be able to show it all during the one-hour episode. This means that a lot of information will be coming out on the live feeds as the weekend arrives. The problem is that the live feeds will remain down for longer than normal following the Thursday night episode, as producers are recording something special for the viewers. That is going to be shown during an additional Friday episode on August 18 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on CBS.

At the beginning of the August 17 Big Brother 19 episode, host Julie Chen will conduct the latest Eviction Ceremony for the BB19 cast. This is where the cast will decide whether to evict Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, or Matt Clines. Fans watching the live feeds have a strong idea about what is about to take place in that moment.

Following the first Eviction Ceremony of the evening, the cast will then participate in a Head of Household Competition, with the winner getting mere moments to name two people for eviction. Once that is done, they will play for the Power of Veto and the winner of the Veto will decide whether or not to use the power. It all leads to a second Eviction Ceremony, sending a second person to the BB19 jury before the house is up. The quick time between each event will add to the stress level of the entire BB19 cast and the audience watching.

A lot of scenarios could play out within the BB19 cast on Thursday night, with the possibility of things really getting shaken up if someone out-of-the-ordinary wins the first Head of Household Competition of the episode. Since there isn’t a lot of time to come up with the nominations for eviction, it could mean some shocking moments for the CBS viewers. That’s the whole intent to a double eviction night and this one is certainly going to end with several houseguests primed as the favorites to win Big Brother 19.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]