‘LPBW’ Star Jeremy Roloff Opens Up About Stress, Anxiety, A 38-Week Pregnant Audrey And Home Remodeling

With Audrey Roloff due to give birth anytime now, Jeremy Roloff is putting the pedal to the metal. Working on the ongoing renovations at their newly-purchased home with his younger brother Jacob, the reality TV star has dedicated himself to ensuring that his wife and upcoming daughter would have a beautiful place to live. As stated in Jeremy’s latest post on the @Beating50Percent Instagram page, however, all the work and challenges of the past few weeks have been quite taxing on him and his marriage.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff both update the @Beating50Percent Instagram account, a dedicated page where the pair offers advice and encouragement to other couples. Recently, however, the LPBW stars’ posts on @Beating50Percent seem to tease that Jeremy and Audrey have been experiencing some significant bumps on their journey as a married couple.

In the most recent update on the marriage advice page, Jeremy opened up to his social media followers about the stress and anxiety that have been plaguing him and his wife over the past week. In the caption of his latest photo for @Beating50Percent, Jeremy dubbed the past week as a “crazy” time; one that has taken a toll on both him and Audrey Roloff, who is now 38 weeks pregnant.

“We’ve been living in our new home for a week now! I’ve been doing a TON of projects to finish up the remodel, and Auj is 38 weeks pregnant! What a crazy time. Sometimes things that should be nothing but fun can turn to stress and anxiety, definitely something we have experienced through this process.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff might have a great dynamic together, but the reality TV stars are still just like any other married couple out there. While the pair never really stated things outright, their recent social media activity all but suggests that Jer and Auj had been going through some struggles as of late.

Just recently, Audrey posted an update on her Instagram page referencing her lack of gentleness. A few days ago, the @Beating50Percent page focused on pride and how it adversely affects relationships. With this in mind, many LPBW fans are speculating that the couple is likely experiencing a huge reality check, thanks to the combined anxiety of moving into a new place and dealing with the impending birth of a child.

Audrey Roloff has revealed that her due date is set for August 31. While the date is still more than a week away, however, there is a good chance that the Little People, Big World star might end up giving birth before the 31st. Before this happens, Jeremy Roloff would need to channel his energies into ensuring that his growing family would live and go home to a beautiful, well-built house.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff star in Little People, Big World, which is expected to return on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]