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NRA Facebook Page Goes Dark Following Newtown Shooting

National Rifle Association

The official Facebook page for the NRA has gone dark following the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, according to The Associated Press.

In addition to the National Rifle Association’s Facebook page being inaccessible to users, the organization’s Twitter account has been quiet for the past three days. Many believe this silence is a direct result of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

“10 Days of NRA Giveaways — Enter today for a chance to win an auto emergency tool!” was the last official tweet issued by the NRA on the popular micro-blogging website.

The Washington Post reports that the National Rifle Association took similar measures in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting last summer. The organization deleted its magazine account on Twitter in an effort to draw attention away from the group’s agenda.

Although the Facebook page is currently inaccessible, chances are the account will be restored at some point down the line. Officials are likely waiting for the country’s wounds to heal a bit before allowing folks to post comments to organization’s page once again.

John Pierce, co-founder of, recently told TPM that NRA officials are currently figuring out what to do next in the wake of the tragedy.

“The other reason that the NRA isn’t talking a great deal is out of respect for the families who lost loved ones,” Pierce explained. “You know, historically, gun rights groups have tried to give a proper period of mourning before engaging in political debate.I believe that behind the scenes the NRA is probably girdling their loins for a political struggle.”

It’s currently unknown when the NRA’s social media outlets might begin posting content again. Since the group has roughly 30 days to reinstate its Facebook account, the organization has plenty of time to hide out while the gun control debate rages on.

What do you think about the NRA’s decision to “go dark” and remain silent on its Facebook and Twitter pages?

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12 Responses to “NRA Facebook Page Goes Dark Following Newtown Shooting”

  1. Salomon Charlotin

    They are coward , total silence while our children dying… It's the only strategy better for them right now , they should be getting pretty soon right back at us with a vengeance.

  2. Dan Summers

    If you believe in your position and you feel it's right why run and hide? COWARDS!

  3. Jim Blankenship

    I cannot believe that there is anyone in this country, that actually thinks that ANY amount of gun control will stop something like what happened in Connecticut. Why? Because we cannot continuously monitor 24/7, the actions of every single person who lives in this country, that's why! If someone in this country is determined to shoot-up a place, whether a school, a business, or the government itself-they ARE going to do it! No one can name me one country that has the most militaristic, martial law, that has successfully stopped all internal attacks by someone who is determined to cause trouble. NOT ONE! This is FACT, people! The best that we can do is "TRY" to stop things like this from happening, & be prepared to deal with the consequences of what happens when we can't. (And, NO, I am NOT a gun supporter! I think that what happened is despicable-but it happened-whether we like it or not!)

  4. Tom Gernand

    Anyone who thinks the NRA had anything to do with this scum bag doing what he did is just as nuts. The right to bear arms was and is for citizens to protect themselves from idiots like this and other people that wish to do us harm. If you think a policeman or any other "official" is going to be right there when you need them you are sadly mistaken. How many lives could have been saved if the RIGHT people had a gun on campus that day to end this guys life before he could do all the harm he did. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  5. Bradley Stone

    the people that died in the killing fields did not have guns and many forget what happen to them and if you think history.
    doesn't repeat itself your in for a big surprise.

  6. Donald Miller

    Its respect for the families but u wouldn't comprehend something so simple would you? Ha of course not u voted Obama didn't u

  7. Donald Miller

    Oh shut up! Things like this will always happen. So stop acting like an idiot. If you think gun restrictions will stop it your about as dumb as you sound

  8. Donald Miller

    Haha yeh liberals,basically everyone who voted Obama think like children

  9. Bud Blanke

    The news media must shoulder a large amount of the blame for these monstrosities. with every moron who wants to make himself a household name attempting to top the most recent horror wih something worse!

  10. Dan Summers

    If they respected the families they'd wrap their head around the idea that guns of this magnitude should not be in the hands of civilians making it possible for any nut job can get one. Respect for the families has nothing to do with it they're simply trying to protect they're image. YOU CAN'T BE THAT BLIND!!!!

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