Kyrie Irving Trade Rumors: ‘Dear LeBron’ Music Video Parody Mocks LeBron James & Kyrie’s Relationship

As Kyrie Irving trade rumors provide NBA fans and analysts plenty to talk about this offseason, now there’s a new rap music video that parodies the LeBron and Kyrie relationship. The duo was able to align themselves as part of a “Big Three,” which also featured NBA All-Star Kevin Love and ultimately won the championship in 2016. However, the relationship has been rumored to have become strained based on Kyrie Irving’s trade request that was made public this summer. A new video which mocks a popular hip-hop song by Eminem helps tell a lot of the story, at least from the perspective of Kyrie.

The new parody song and the accompanying animated video is called “Dear LeBron” and features a mock of the popular Eminem track “Stan,” according to Billboard. In Eminem’s song, he delivered several verses from the perspective of an obsessive fan who kept writing to him and becoming upset at the lack of replies from Em. The song ends with that fan driving his car off a bridge with his girlfriend locked in the trunk and then Eminem replying that he’d been busy but was now replying. However, the rap star responded back and also sent the fan’s brother an autographed cap before realizing the news he heard of someone driving off a bridge was that fan.

Kyrie Irving requested trade from Cleveland Cavs

In the parody song and YouTube music video, “Dear LeBron,” the artist covers the strained relationship between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James from the perspective of Kyrie.

Included in the hilarious lyrics are lines like “I sent two letters to Dan Gilbert, you must not have got em/He probably fell off the side of the Flat Earth or somethin’.”

Another savage line mentions that if Kyrie wins the MVP, he’s going to opt to call superstar Kobe Bryant instead of LeBron.

Yet another line quips, “Dear Mr. I’m-Too-Good-to-Commit to Cleveland, this will be the last message I send before I’m leaving.”

The music video shown below from the AOK YouTube channel is mostly clean with one or two NSFW expletives included in the lyrics.

Eric Moneypenny wrote the track with Allie Goertz and Will Hagle providing the vocals over the animations. It cleverly sums up the ongoing drama that has emerged as one of the leading stories from the NBA during this summer. Several months ago, fans learned that Irving had publicly asked to be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers to a new team. He has at least two years left before he’s officially a free agent but mentioned that the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, and Minnesota Timberwolves were fine destinations for him. Irving basically cited that he didn’t want to play alongside superstar LeBron anymore and wanted to become a “focal point” for another team. So far, no real deals have materialized that seem close. Sticking points have been other teams not wanting to part with their newest young stars or rookies.

That said, there have been plenty of Kyrie Irving trade rumors out there on the internet. They’ve ranged from a deal sending him to the Phoenix Suns, to a newer one discussing the potential for the Boston Celtics sending Jayson Tatum and other young players or future picks. The season arrives in a few months, but with Cleveland holding all the leverage over their All-Star, it seems they will have time to consider all options put in front of them. They could even keep him for the entirety of the season, unhappy or not, and try to make another run towards a championship with what they have. However, that strained relationship could end up hurting those chances.

Cavs new PG Derrick Rose in parody song

Meanwhile, fans will get to have their fun before any jersey burning starts. While it’s doubtful that either Kyrie Irving or LeBron James will tweet a reply to this “Dear LeBron” video, one has to admire the creativity of the artist who came up with the Eminem parody. Could these artists be the next Weird Al Yankovic of hip-hop hits?

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