‘BB19’ Spoilers: Cody Nickson’s Fate Sealed, Kevin Schlehuber Is In Trouble, And Paul Makes An Week 8 HOH Plan

BB19 spoilers reveal Cody Nickson will likely be the first member of the jury on Thursday’s live eviction. The Marine vet has done everything he could to try to make a deal to stay another week, but the Big Brother house wants him out.

Alex Ow, current HOH, tried everything she could to save him. Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest Paul Abrahamian said they could get Elena Davies out next, but Cody is too big of a target to stay in the BB19 game. Cody realizes that he will be evicted and has made peace with how he played the game. The rest of the BB19 house has no idea that the August 17 episode will be the first double eviction of the season.

Elena knows that she is in serious trouble. Immediately after she took the $5,000 prize money from Alex in the POV competition, she knew she messed up. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that she worried that Alex would flip the vote to her and urge Matt Clines not to use his POV. Even so, Alex stuck to the plan and put Cody on the block.

The biggest question mark is, who will the Big Brother house target after Cody leaves? There is no doubt that Mark Jansen will be the public enemy number one but what if he wins HOH or POV?

According to Big Brother Network, Kevin realizes he’s in trouble and worries about Paul or Alex turning on him next. He knows that he pushed his luck by continuing to talk to Cody. Even though most of the BB19 house is annoyed with him at the moment, there are a few bigger targets than Kevin in the game.

Elena is probably the biggest target left in the game besides the obvious one (Paul). Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Elena has proven that she cannot be trusted not to flip sides. She could be the target during the double eviction.

Online Big Brother shared that Paul said that he was prepared to “start some drama” to throw Mark and Elena off during the HOH competition. It wouldn’t be hard to put pressure on her. All Paul would have to do is tell Josh Martinez to put her on blast. It would result in another massive BB19 house blow up and completely rattle her for the HOH competition.

Who do you think will leave during the double eviction?

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[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]