Did Anna Duggar Secretly Give Birth? It’s Late In Her Pregnancy And She’s Not Talking

Did Anna Duggar secretly give birth? That’s the question fans have been asking, considering it’s so late in her pregnancy and the normally publicity-eager family has been unusually quiet of late.

As The Hollywood Gossip reports, the last time Anna showed up on social media was back in June when the family visited the Silver Dollar City theme park in Missouri. Since then, she’s all but disappeared from the family’s publicity apparatus.

At the time, fans looked at her abdomen, did some math, and figured that she was in her third trimester. That means that, depending on when the baby was conceived (which is, of course, intensely private, even for a public family like the Duggars), the baby boy should have been here – oh, right about now.

And of course, considering that birth announcements are a major part of the Duggar family’s public image, as The Hollywood Gossip suggests, it seems weird that the family wouldn’t have blown up social media with a birth announcement.

So why isn’t the Duggar family talking about Anna’s birth? The most obvious reason, of course, is that she hasn’t given birth yet. And when you think about it, that explanation makes the most sense. After all, Anna and her husband, Josh, haven’t publicly revealed their due date. Further, internet sleuthing for clues in a photo of a pregnant woman’s abdomen is an inexact science, to put it mildly.

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However, some fans think there may be a far more salacious reason the Duggar family hasn’t announced a birth yet: in a word, Josh.

As you know, Josh’s behavior has been a major problem for the Duggar family. After allegations of infidelity and sex crimes, fans wondered if Josh and Anna’s marriage would be over. She has, however, stuck with him, even getting pregnant. Still, the family has kept Josh pretty well under wraps because of the controversy surrounding him.

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By extension, says the rumor, Anna has been deliberately keeping her due date, and any other information regarding the baby’s birth, to herself and her family.

The Hollywood Gossip writer Tyler Johnson, who has never been particularly sympathetic to the Duggars, thinks those rumors have some merit. Specifically, he believes that the Duggar family – and family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, in particular – had maybe hoped that Anna getting pregnant would help repair the family’s damaged image, but then realized that plan wouldn’t work.

“Jim Bob Duggar is a master of PR, but he’s got another thing coming if he thinks a well-timed announcement will help repair Josh’s battered public image.

Do you believe that Anna Duggar has secretly given birth and that the family is keeping it under wraps because of bad publicity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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