‘Big Brother 19’ Ratings: More Viewers For Summer 2017 Than ‘BB18’ Cast Received Last Year

Big Brother 19 ratings continue to be impressive for the summer 2017 installment. The BB19 cast has drawn the interest of CBS viewers and live feed subscribers at a higher rate than each of the last three seasons. It’s an impressive showing for the network and speaks to how long this reality competition show might be able to stay on the air.

In the updated Sunday night ratings from August 14, an estimated 6.22 million viewers tuned in. The program also saw a slight increase in viewers aged 18-49, which serves as the key demographic for advertisers. A report by TV By The Numbers confirms this piece of news. So, not only are viewers tuning in, but it is helping the revenue stream for CBS.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Brother 19 ratings for August 7 (the earlier Sunday night episode) came in at 6.57 million estimated viewers. This means that there was a slight down tick in overall viewership on August 14, but the BB19 cast was also competing with Major League Baseball and the National Football League. In some markets, a late-running presentation of the PGA Tour caused the episode to run a bit late, possibly causing some viewers to tune out.

Drawing a comparison between the Big Brother 19 ratings and the viewership for Big Brother 18, the numbers have improved across the board. On Sunday nights BB19 is averaging 6.07 million viewers, on Wednesday nights it’s at 6.28 million, and on Thursday nights the average estimated audience is at 6.03 million viewers. For BB18, those numbers were at 5.6 million for Sunday, 5.95 million for Wednesday, and 5.93 million for Thursday. Overall, the Big Brother 19 ratings are beating out the Big Brother 18 numbers at 6.13 to 5.81 million viewers per episode.

This bump in support from the fans may have been why production and CBS decided to add another Friday night episode of the show this week. This “bonus” episode airs at 8 p.m. PT/ET on August 18, with very little information getting revealed about what they are going to show the audience. If it mirrors what was done during Big Brother 18, then it could be a clip episode with some form of a concert taking place in the backyard.

For fans who want to read about some of the Big Brother 19 spoilers that have been coming out on the live feeds, an additional report by the Inquisitr covers all those details, including who won the Power of Veto, whether the Veto got used, and who is going home first at the August 17 double eviction.

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