Jim Bob Duggar Reportedly A Hoarder And Compulsive Shopper, Obsessed With Wealth

An insider close to the Duggar family recently spoke to the Hollywood Gossip and revealed that Jim Bob Duggar, the patriarch of the mega-family, has become a compulsive shopper and hoarder thanks to the earnings that TLC has provided him. The father of 19 has also been accused of not practicing what he preaches when it comes to God’s word of not coveting possessions or material goods.

The source claims that Jim Bob Duggar has a massive amount of money invested in flipping properties and other projects, though the family isn’t necessarily sure that the investments have been the wisest.

Jim Bob Duggar has also been revealed as a hoarder and compulsive shopper. The insider refers to him as a “high class hoarder,” meaning that he often buys random expensive items and leaves them on his property without junking up the house.

In regard to what Jim Bob is constantly purchasing, the insider claims he’s a frequent staple at local auctions and is often purchasing things like chairs and random items. They claim that he often comes back from the sales with his truck piled high with things that the family doesn’t really need, which goes against the thrifty nature he has always espoused on the show.

The insider says that although Michelle, his wife, isn’t a fan of all of the stuff he constantly brings home, there is little she can do thanks to their religion’s nature of asking the woman to always be submissive and silent.

It was also revealed that Jim Bob Duggar’s son, John David, who works with local law enforcement, has advised his father what he can and cannot do when it comes to storage. It is claimed that Jim Bob Duggar has amassed several cars that he parks on his property until neighbors complain, and then he moves them somewhere else until someone else complains.

They also stated that Jim Bob Duggar often breaks codes when it comes to building his properties, but he feels as though he is above the law, so it doesn’t really matter what he does.

Although Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are currently no longer appearing on their reality series following their oldest son’s molestation scandal, they do occasionally appear on their children’s series, Counting On.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Instagram]