WWE Officials Have Lost Faith In Baron Corbin, Reason Why He Failed To Cash-In ‘Money In The Bank’ Revealed

Last night on SmackDown Live, Baron Corbin cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase after interfering in the main event match between John Cena and Jinder Mahal. Unfortunately for Baron, he lost his chance after a brief distraction from Cena was enough for Mahal to catch Corbin off guard and retain the title. As a result, Baron Corbin has become only the third man in WWE history to lose a Money in the Bank cash-in.

Almost no one was expecting Corbin to cash-in his briefcase only five days before WWE Summerslam. The WWE Universe is in collective shock over WWE officials not only booking the cash-in on SmackDown Live this week but also booking The Lone Wolf to lose since it’s been heavily rumored that he’s receiving a huge push. The belief was he would likely cash-in this weekend after Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jinder Mahal.

It’s being reported that WWE officials have changed their minds about Baron Corbin’s push. It’s being said that a lot of people backstage lost their faith in The Lone Wolf as the next WWE Champion after the way he underperformed during his promos with John Cena and gained some heat from his activity on social media with Mojo Rawley. Apparently, WWE officials just didn’t see Corbin winning the WWE Title anytime soon.

Baron Corbin Cashed In His Money in the Bank Contract Last Night on SmackDown Live

On Sunday, Jinder Mahal will defend the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura. On paper, the likelihood of WWE officials booking a title change is high. The powers that be may want Nakamura to keep the WWE Title for quite some time, so Corbin’s cash-in to take the briefcase out of the equation. However, it’s possible Mahal could leave Brooklyn with the title as well, but it’s confirmed that Baron Corbin will not.

John Cena Will Face Baron Corbin at WWE Summerslam Which Is A Huge Match For the Latter

Baron Corbin still has a match with John Cena at WWE Summerslam. The biggest party of the summer is a huge platform and his match with the sixteen time World Champion will be an important test for him. The Money in the Bank briefcase was just one path to the top of the WWE ladder. The failed cash-in should be a boost of momentum for the Cena vs. Corbin match on Sunday. However, the biggest takeaway for the fans should be that being “Mr. Money in the Bank” doesn’t guarantee success. The briefcase holder can still fail.

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