‘RHOC’ Peggy Sulahian Defends Her Marriage, But Is She Hiding Her Divorce Intentionally?

If even half the rumors swirling around about RHOC Peggy Sulahian are true, then it makes sense that she has taken to her Bravo blog to rant about those people criticizing her marriage to Diko Sulahian. Peggy is being called a homophobe for pushing her brother out of her family’s life, and now a source has revealed that Diko Sulahian secretly filed for divorce in 1996, and the couple never remarried before having three children. On RHOC Peggy keeps stressing how happy her marriage is, but what is really going on?

And also in her RHOC blog, Peggy Sulahian responds to accusations that she broke off all ties with her brother Pol’ Atteu because he was gay. Peggy says the people don’t know the whole story, but she did not elaborate. But other Real Housewives, like Lisa Vanderpump, are not waiting around to hear Peggy’s story because it has become clear that Peggy has cut her brother out of the family due to his relationship with a man. RHOC Vicki Gunvalson was the first in her cast to learn about Peggy’s alleged homophobia, and she tipped off Bravo exec Andy Cohen says a RHOC source.

“Vicki feels betrayed a bit because she befriended Peggy. She not going to treat her the same after this. Vicki has zero tolerance for anti-gay actions, and she does not want Peggy on the cast if this is who she truly is.”

This week, a large part of Peggy Sulahian’s RHOC blog is dedicated to talking about how wonderful her marriage is in response to all of the rumors.

“As you can see, I have an amazing relationship with my husband Diko.”

She mentions that she learned this week what it means to “beat a dead horse” and says that everyone who continues to scrutinize her marriage is beating a dead horse, and she has had enough and wants them to stop. And about her brother and the homophobia situation, Peggy says she won’t talk about it anymore (but surely Andy Cohen will be bringing it up on the RHOC reunion).

“I will not further engage in a public exchange with anyone, but it must be stated that the accusations against me are false and my actions have been grossly mischaracterized.”

Good luck with that Peggy.

But just as Peggy Sulahian posted her RHOC blog a new article surfaced that claims Diko Sulahian divorced Peggy in 1996 after a year of marriage and never remarried. Papers have been found that claim that Dikran K. Sulahian filed for a dissolution of marriage from Peggy Atteukenian on April 24th, 1996. Radar Online says that the Sulahian divorce was finalized in December of the same year.

“According to the Los Angeles Superior Court documents, the divorce was finalized on December 11, 1996, by Judge Robert A. Schinder. Neither party was present when the marriage was officially dissolved.”

There is no evidence that Peggy and Diko Sulahian ever remarried, but they did go on to have three children. Perhaps Peggy Sulahian didn’t realize that when you do a reality show everything comes out, but nevertheless, she seems overwhelmed by being on RHOC. Peggy Sulahian says she is done talking about herself, and it makes RHOC wonder whether Peggy will be a one-season housewife.


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But it’s RHOC Kelly Dodd who says that Peggy Sulahian’s naive act is a put-on, and it’s wearing thin with the other ladies. Kelly thinks that Sulahian is feigning confusion as if American sayings are a mystery to her.

“I find that watching Peggy continually struggle with social norms and colloquialisms baffling. I know she was born in Kuwait and is proud of her Armenian heritage, but didn’t she grow up in the US? Didn’t she go to school here? Didn’t she live here all but one year of her life?”

Needless to say, the other RHOC are already over Peggy, and they are dying to get to the truth. It sounds like Peggy Sulahian will be the new Brooks-style mystery for the RHOC Nancy Drews to solve.

Do you think RHOC Peggy Sulahian is trying to hide her divorce from everyone? Was Peggy naive to think she wouldn’t have to discuss her marriage and her feelings about gays on the show or in the press?

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