‘Little People, Big World’ Baby Jackson Goes To The Zoo With Grandma Amy Roloff

Baby Jackson Roloff just experienced his first trip to the zoo! On Tuesday, Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff took her adorable grandson for a baby’s day out at the Oregon Zoo. Tori Roloff shared snaps of this fun bonding between Amy and baby Jackson on her Instagram Stories.

Only 3 months old, Baby J has already experienced lots of fun adventures. He’s been to the beach, ridden grandpa Matt’s ATV, and watched daddy Zach play soccer live. Now it’s time to meet some wild animals! Tori posted videos of lions, black bears, and giraffes they saw at the Oregon Zoo.

Hilariously, Jackson slept for the most part of his zoo trip. Tori has previously shared with her fans that Baby J has a knack for sleeping whenever and wherever, and he apparently decided to doze off while grandma and mom took pictures of the animals.

Nevertheless, Amy Roloff clearly enjoyed her sunny day out with Tori and Jackson. Amy has been spending a lot of time with her first grandson recently. Just the day before, she also spent the day over at Zach and Tori’s house for a “baby Jackson time,” she wrote on her Instagram account. Amy played with little Jackson to let Tori finish household chores.

“Just having a little baby Jackson time with Grandma Amy. I just can’t get enough of this little guy. Gave Tori a chance to catch up on some chores around the house.”

Baby Jackson just turned three months last week. Tori happily announced that her son now weighs 14 pounds and is growing up to be a healthy and happy baby. Jackson is also smiling a lot more these days, the proud mommy shared. And while he obviously still loves to sleep, Baby J is getting more active now.

“Jackson is reaching for things. He is also a professional hair grabber. Baby J has also been moving and stretching like crazy!”

In a couple of weeks, Jackson will meet his baby cousin, Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl. Audrey is due to give birth by the end of the month. It will truly be exciting to see the two babies grow up at the Roloff Farms and experience lots of adventures together.

Truly, Matt and Amy Roloff are blessed to have a wonderful, tight-knit, and growing family. Little People, Big World is slated to premiere a new season in September on TLC. Aside from the two new Roloff babies, LPBW fans are excited to see a heartwarming family reunion when the reality show hopefully airs Molly’s wedding.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]