Big Show Comments on Injury From Big Cass: New Stable Forming?

On the latest edition of Raw, Big Show was injured at the hands of Big Cass, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. While Cass was receiving a great deal of heat from the Boston crowd, he was interrupted by Enzo Amore. Enzo cut another scathing promo on his former best friend and tag team partner.

Capitalizing on the momentum Big Show has gained over the past couple weeks, especially after he knocked Cass out last week on Raw, Enzo brought out the giant once again to take care of Cass. However, Cass had a plan up his sleeve, which proved to be menacing but successful.

After quickly getting rid of Enzo via a big boot, former Raw Tag Team Champions Anderson & Gallows entered the ring to assist Cass in his attack of the Big Show. While many wondered why the shark cage was lowered, it ended up being a weapon for the trio. As Gallows held Show’s hand up by a belt tied to it, Cass rammed the cage door on it. He followed this by stomping on his wrist.

Backstage, the WWE medical team stated that Show could be suffering from a broken hand. As Enzo tried to console Show and give him an option to remove himself from the scheduled SummerSlam match, Show stated that he has fought bigger and felt worse.

He further added these words.

“Don’t you ever forget who I am…”

The other interesting development from that segment is the out-of-nowhere alliance between Cass and Anderson & Gallows. While the commentators used the story of Cass planning this attack for a while, there was still no detailed explanation of why these two were the henchmen for Cass.

Seemingly, since Enzo & Cass may be reuniting sooner than later as a heel tag team, spectators may be witnessing the early stages of a faction brewing.

With Enzo as a strong mouthpiece, Cass and Gallows as the muscle, and Anderson as the technician, this possible development may be what the four need to increase their stock individually. Although it appeared as if Anderson & Gallows were going to face the Hardy Boyz at SummerSlam since The Revival is shelved as a team, those plans look to be scrapped.

[Featured Image by WWE]