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Woman Drives Over Her Boyfriend And Then Burns The Skin Off His Back, Arms, And Genitals After An Argument

Chicago Woman

A woman from Illinois has been charged with aggravated domestic battery after she reportedly burned the skin from her boyfriend’s testicles by running over him in a car.

Christine A. Meyers from Tinley Park, a suburb of Chicago, allegedly began to argue with her boyfriend after picking him up from a bar on Friday night. As they arrived at the house they share on South Ridgeland Avenue, her beau got out of the car, walked in front of it, and then lay across the ground on their driveway.

The 23-year-old Meyers then responded by driving over him. Court records have noted how Meyers caused severe flares on his chest and back; plus he also suffered burns that tore the skin from his testicles. The latter will require surgery to properly repair. The cause of the argument has not been disclosed.

Tom Ost, Meyers’ attorney, asked the presiding judge, Adam Bourgeois Jr., to set bail at $6,000, which would mean that she only needed to post $600 to leave.

However, Bourgeois responded to the request by stating, “Are you serious? You’re asking me to set a bond of $600 for driving over somebody? That is the charge.”

He then set bail at $100,000 before adding, “People argue every day, and they don’t resort to violence.” Meyers’ attorney then added that the boyfriend is now out of hospital and has moved back in with his mother. Meyers has been arrested for previous driving offences in the past.

She is due back in court on Tuesday morning at 9 am.

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16 Responses to “Woman Drives Over Her Boyfriend And Then Burns The Skin Off His Back, Arms, And Genitals After An Argument”

  1. Anonymous

    What was te guy thinking when he intentionally lay in front of the car being driven by an angry woman? No, she absolutely should not have run him over but he kind of was asking for it after all.

  2. Anonymous

    I don't see what the big deal is. That happened to my homie pooky last week. All he got was thirty bucks and a band aid.

  3. Anonymous

    But we should so ban guns cause then we'd never have a problem like this again.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah but we should ban guns cause then something like this would never happen again *sarcasm*.

  5. Daniel Brotschul

    No, but we should regulate cars and require people to get licensed to operate them and do a background check before they can drive. Oh wait, we already do.

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