Courtroom Artist Says Taylor Swift Was Difficult To Draw Because Of Her ‘Perfectly Proportioned Dimensions’

Taylor Swift won her groping case against DJ David Mueller, but some couldn’t help but notice the courtroom sketches which did not look like the songstress at all.

Jeff Kandyba, the artist behind the sketches, defended his illustrations of Swift. He told Fox 31 Denver that he found it challenging to draw the “Out of the Woods” singer because of her striking appearance.

“A person like Taylor Swift, who is very pretty – has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face –is actually much harder to sketch.”

The Colorado-based artist has been servicing courtrooms since the 1980s, but it is the first time that his work attracted much attention. While he did practice drawing Swift based on images he found online, he said the experience made him nervous.

He further said that portrait artists have the privilege to draw their muses while they sit still while his work requires him to draw a subject who is allowed to roam around.

Swift won her case against the former radio host on Monday. The musician claimed that in 2013, Miller placed his hand under her skirt and touched her backside during a meet-and-greet event for her “Red” tour.

She only sought $1 in damages because her aim is to give a strong message that fellow assault victims shouldn’t be terrified of stepping forward. Her lawyer Douglas Baldridge branded it a “single symbolic dollar, the value of which is immeasurable to all women in this situation.”

Taylor Swift groping case

Following her victory, Swift vowed to donate to charities that help sexual abuse victims fight for themselves.

The “Blank Space” hit maker initially tried to keep the incident private. Swift and her mother Andrea decided not to tell the police and instead report to Mueller’s bosses. Mrs. Swift said that she didn’t want to further traumatize her daughter by publicizing the incident, but they told Mueller’s company because they didn’t want him to “get away with it.”

Mueller then sued the pop star for $3 million because he claimed that her accusations made him lose his $150,000-a-year working contract at KYGO-FM where he served as a morning host.

The lawsuit was dismissed, but in an interview with Good Morning America, Mueller will consider filing an appeal of the verdict. In the interview, he vehemently denied Swift’s accusations and insisted that he simply touched her ribs.

[Featured Image by Jeff Kandyba/AP]