Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle Studied His Royal Mom Diana’s Wedding Video Tapes, Says Friend

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have quickly become one of the most popular celebrity couples of the summer. Now, as their romantic relationship continues to blossom, a friend of Meghan’s is sharing an inside look at what life was like for Markle when she was young. And one insight is particularly fascinating, because it shows that even before the actress ever met Harry, she was studying video tapes of his royal mother Princess Diana’s wedding and using Diana as a role model.

Meghan Markle And Princess Diana As Nation’s ‘Sweethearts’

Meghan, 36, and Prince Harry, 32, have been involved since November 2016, and she’s earned a reputation as the nation’s “sweetheart,” noted the Express. But the Suits actress has a past that’s just like the average United States schoolgirl, complete with school, best friends, and role models.

When Markle went to Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, one of her closest pals was Suzy Ardakani. Now Suzy’s mom Sonia Ardakani is dishing up the details of the two best friends. In particular, Sonia shared that Meghan was fascinated by old video tapes of one special royal, a woman who herself used to known as the nation’s sweetheart.

Princess Diana Became Meghan’s Role Model

Ms. Ardakani explained that she had video-taped Diana’s wedding in 1981. Years later, she watched the tapes of the wedding with Suzy and Meghan. The two girls also viewed TV shows about the Princess, and were so entranced that they used Diana as their role model, shared Sonia.

“[Meghan] didn’t just think [Princess Diana] was glamorous. [She was] impressed by her humanitarian work, and…started following her example.”

Markle and her friend both sought to emulate Diana, collecting toys and clothes for children in need and even helping out at a soup kitchen for the homeless, said Suzy’s mom.

Meghan Markle took Princess Diana as her role model, says a friend.

Meghan And Prince Harry’s Romance Cheered By Pals

Now, as friends look forward to seeing Prince Harry propose, they’ve spoken out about their positive feelings regarding Harry making his romance with the actress official. As for the woman who watched Meghan grow up with her daughter to follow Princess Diana’s humanitarian lead, Sonia Ardakani emphasized that she believes Markle would make a wonderful member of the royal family.

“Meghan is a beautiful person with a very big heart – just the sort of qualities a princess needs.”

Last November, Kensington Palace officially confirmed Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship in a statement. That official confirmation led to his friends publicly offering their own views. Athlete Usain Bolth has shared that he’s a fan of Meghan as Harry’s choice, while one of Prince Harry’s closest pals, Nacho Figueras, said he was happy about the prince’s future with Markle.

Prince William and Princess Kate reportedly may soon be participating in Prince Harry's royal wedding to Meghan Markle.

Princess Diana ‘Spellbinding Impression’ Leaves Legacy

Now, as Megan and Prince Harry become closer, it’s left to see if Markle can carry on the legacy of Princess Diana. Newsweek, which labeled Diana ‘America’s British Sweetheart,’ devoted a special edition to the Princess in 2015, and noted that she didn’t disappoint when she visited the United States.

From exchanging hugs with two disabled children at the airport in a royal breach of protocol to visiting babies in Harlem Hospital’s pediatric AIDS unit, Diana showed her compassion for humanity. And she charmed those who had the good fortune to meet with her during that visit. Can Megan live up to that legacy?

Meghan Markle Trying On Wedding Dresses

Friends of Meghan and Prince Harry have indicated that Markle will soon have the opportunity to follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps, with the pals claiming that the engagement is already official, according to the Express.

The official engagement announcement reportedly will be made in September. As for the wedding plans? The Express also revealed that Meghan has been seen trying on wedding dresses and pointed out that Markle used to view Princess Diana’s wedding video tapes repeatedly, adding to the rumors that a new royal wedding is imminent.

Prince Harry currently is reportedly on a holiday with his actress girlfriend in Botswana, and they allegedly are spending part of their vacation on a £1000 a night houseboat.

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