Did ‘Pawn Stars’ Buy The O.J. Simpson Bronco? What Does Expert Rick Harrison Say About O.J. Collectibles?

Was Rick Harrison willing to shell out seven figures for the white Bronco that O.J. Simpson made famous? We finally got the answer on the highly anticipated Pawn Stars episode, aptly entitled “If The Pawn Don’t Fit,” which aired Monday night on the History Channel.

Fans who regularly follow Rick Harrison already guessed that the owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop would be extra cautious about buying anything O.J. Simpson related.

Thankfully, Pawn Stars fav Chumlee was there to add some comic relief!

The episode began when Mike Gilbert, Simpson’s former agent, brought in the infamous 1993 white Bronco owned by Al “A.C.” Cowlings, Simpson’s friend.

As many remember, in 1994, Al Cowlings drove O.J. Simpson on the Los Angeles freeway hours after the brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. Both victims were stabbed to death.

Gilbert had purchased the vehicle from Cowlings. O.J. had his own white Bronco, but it has since been destroyed.

Before they could negotiate in the seven-minute segment, they first had to take it out for a test drive, and Chumlee was there to jump in the back seat!

“I get the back seat, and we’re getting on the freeway.”

Despite the vehicle being nearly 25-years-old, Harrison claimed that the white Bronco handled quite well.

Then it was negotiating time. Gilbert wanted $1.3 million dollars, claiming that he had previously turned down an offer for $500,000. Eventually, Gilbert went down to $1.25 million dollars.

Harrison countered that he did believe the vehicle could do well in an auction, but this was a lot of money to make that sort of bet. His main objection was the association to Simpson, and although he was acquitted on the double-murder charges, there was still a stigma that was a risk.

Previous to the airing of the episode, Harrison had tipped his hand a bit, when he revealed to USA Today that he “felt like bad mojo driving in it. It felt a little weird.”

So, it was no surprise when he told Gilbert, “I’m going to pass on it.”

Gilbert took it in stride. He did not lose faith that he will eventually get the money he wants for the vehicle.

“I’ll never sell the Bronco for under $1 million. I know it’s worth that and, if it’s not, it will be.”

Odds are the publicity from the show alone could attract a potential buyer, and they now know who owns this piece of history and what amount they will need to shell out to purchase it.

As for Rick Harrison, this is one of many O.J. Simpson-related memorabilia questions he has received of late.

When it was recently revealed that O.J. was going to be paroled, TMZ asked the reality star what he thought about the value of OJ Simpson’s autographed merchandise, as he is the guy that “knows his stuff.”

Harrison was very clear about what he thought of O.J. Simpson and the karma around owning his stuff.

“I stay away from his stuff. Some people for some reason think it’s cool. I think he is a disgusting person.”

Recent rumors have indicated that O.J. Simpson plans on becoming wealthy by selling his autographed merchandise. When asked this, Harrison remained quite skeptical that the former football star will be so successful at this endeavor.

The Pawn Stars expert explained that dads and sons collect this sort of thing together, and it just isn’t so appealing to collect expensive merchandise from someone who was accused of such a horrific murder. There will always be a stigma attached to the merchandise.

“It’s still going to be a tough sell. … it still has a very large stigma on it.”

He admits that Simpson’s Heisman Trophy would be worth “a lot of money, but it’s never going to be Babe Ruth stuff.” He estimated that it could be worth over $100,000.

The Pawn Stars patriarch does believe that there are going to be people that will go to events where O.J. is attending or the main star, and there will be people who will buy his merchandise. Yet, he does not believe O.J. will get the “crazy money” that he was hoping to get.

What appears to be clear is that those seeking such collectibles will have to look elsewhere because the home of Pawn Stars will most likely not be selling any O.J. Simpson merchandise anytime soon.

Did you watch the episode of Pawn Stars with the white Bronco? Did you agree with Rick Harrison that the seller was asking too much money? Are you interested in buying O.J. Simpson merchandise, or do you agree with Rick Harrison? Please share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by Andy Kropa/Getty Images]