‘Alaskan Bush People’: What Does The New Stage 4 Lung Cancer Diagnosis Mean For Ami Brown & The Brown Family?

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown reportedly now has stage 4 lung cancer, and fans of the long-running reality TV series are sharing their own personal stories about lung cancer and wondering what the new dire diagnosis means for Ami and the rest of the Brown family members. As Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People continues to air on the Discovery Channel, fans constantly check for updates on the health of Ami Brown, especially since the 53-year-old Brown family matriarch revealed publicly in an earlier episode of Season 7 that she had been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer.

Treatment for Ami Brown’s previous stage 3B lung cancer diagnosis included radiation and chemotherapy over a course of several weeks, but now rumors have surfaced that her cancer has progressed to stage 4 and is inoperable, leaving fans to wonder about the fate of Alaskan Bush People and the nine members of the Brown family. The Inquisitr shared on Sunday that Ami Brown’s “lung cancer has advanced to stage 4 now,” according to a supposed reputable online source on social media, adding that stage 4 lung cancer is inoperable.

Ami Brown had previously been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer, which is also inoperable, according to an article on Verywell that states that “surgery will not cure” stage 3B lung cancer, but it is treatable through chemotherapy and radiation therapy — assuming that Ami Brown is relatively healthy otherwise. If the “reliable insider information” is correct, Ami Brown’s previous lung cancer treatment plan probably only helped to treat other symptoms of stage 3B cancer, including shortness of breath, pain, and coughing. Verywell explained that treatment of late stage lung cancer usually isn’t given to cure cancer since stage 3B lung cancer has usually already spread to lymph nodes and “other structures in the chest.”

Verywell also added that the “median survival time” for stage 3B lung is just over a year with treatment, and roughly 40 percent of patients diagnosed with 3B lung cancer already have progressed to stage 4. In another article, Verywell says that the median stage 4 life expectancy is only “around eight months.” However, Verywell — a website with articles that are vetted by a medical review board — states that some people live long term with stage 4 lung cancer through the use of newly developed immunotherapy drugs to help control the spread of the disease.

Neither the Discovery Channel nor the other Brown family members have offered any reputable updates on how Ami Brown is doing as she continues to battle late stage lung cancer, and reports on social media can only be taken with some skepticism since original sources are unknown. Alaskan Bush People fans are understandably disheartened to hear that Ami Brown might have progressed to stage 4 lung cancer and are sharing their own personal experiences with lung cancer.

Some Alaskan Bush People fans are commenting that they have family members that passed from late stage lung cancer, while other fans are sharing herbal treatments for “killing cancer cells.” Overall, fans and longtime viewers of Alaskan Bush People are “sad” and “sorry to hear the latest news” about Ami Brown, adding that they were “hoping she would heal from this.” People Magazine published Ami Brown’s “devastating lung cancer treatment plan” in July, as also shown in one Season 7 episode, along with reactions from other members of the Brown family — who are all reportedly “relocated” to the lower 48 states from Browntown in the Alaskan Bush.

Secrets to School Success shared that the Discovery Channel is preventing Brown family members from discussing Ami’s cancer, as Rainy Brown reportedly confirmed via her personal Twitter account. Rainy, who’s the youngest Brown family member at 14-years-old, also reportedly shared with Alaskan Bush People fans that “everything is fine.” Soapbox revealed in July that Ami Brown’s lung cancer could “easily mature into stage 4,” adding that Alaskan Bush People producers haven’t addressed the many rumors circulating on social media, including that Browntown is moving to Colorado. The article on Soapbox concluded that what matters most is that the Brown family is “standing by one another” as Ami Brown continues to battle late stage lung cancer.

Alaskan Bush People fans are offering their well-wishes on social media and advice on how the Brown family members can cope with the possible loss of matriarch Ami Brown. Loyal fans don’t believe the continued rumors that Ami Brown is faking her illness, adding that no one would “uproot their lives” for the sake of a TV show. Rainy Brown thanked her Twitter followers for their “love and support,” while also sending out a reminder that she’s a “human being even though I’m on TV sometimes.”

“Never, never forget that. We’re all, we’re all people,” as quoted by Rainy in a short Twitter video from two weeks ago.

Not known is whether the Alaskan Bush People series will survive if Ami Brown ultimately succumbs to late stage lung cancer, but fans can follow the rest of Season 7 on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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