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Tatiana Maslany Talks The End Of ‘Orphan Black’ And Spin-Off Possibilities

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for the series finale of Orphan Black.

Yes, Orphan Black has come to an end with a series finale that crunched everything into its one-hour time slot, yet did it in a way that didn’t feel rushed or carelessly thrown together. Actress Tatiana Maslany is as much to credit for that as the writers and director of the episode, bringing her versatile talents to the closing of a series that has consistently challenged her throughout the past five seasons.

Now, Ms. Maslany opens up about giving Orphan Black fans closure and muses on what’s next for the sestras.

Ending Orphan Black Meant Settling Scores And Embracing Family

Talking with Marie Claire, Tatiana Maslany expresses the feeling that the finale of the much-loved series felt more like a two-episode event than the standard 45-minute installment. Though the episode wasn’t any longer than usual, Tatiana says the there were two different themes going on that lent to the impression of a two part feature.

First, Orphan Black picked up where it left off with Helena (Maslany) about to give birth and, along with Sarah (also played by Tatiana), fending off P.T. Westmorland (Stephen McHattie) and Dr. Virginia Coady (Kyra Harper). The Clone Club wins the day in the end, killing off Westmorland and Coady, which presumes to end the threat posed by Dyad.

Next, the episode explores the way in which the clones come together when there is no threat to force their connections. As Maslany says, Orphan Black takes a softer turn here and gives fans closure with a positive vibe.

Even with that feeling of family becoming a primary focus in the last half of the Orphan Black series finale, Tatiana says she liked the way in which her characters now struggled with the concept of freedom. There’s no telling what will become of Rachel and, as for Sarah, she seems utterly lost with no battle to fight.

“Like, Sarah is in this stasis where she’s doing all the right things but she’s not behind them,” says Ms. Maslany.

“She’s not there. She hasn’t fully accepted the loss of S or really embraced the fact that now she can do whatever she wants.”

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What’s Next For Tatiana Maslany?

Since the announcement that Season 5 would be the last for Orphan Black, rumors have swirled around the fandom that some kind of spin-off or offshoot show was in the works. Producers have teased fans by saying such a follow-up is not out of the realm of possibility, but, as Tatiana Maslany shared with The Hollywood Reporter, any of those plans, if they exist, are currently on hold.

For one thing, the actress says she wants to take the time to mourn the end of Orphan Black and to really appreciate the last five seasons, just as the fans are also grieving the loss of this phenomenally produced series.

“What’s been nice about finishing Orphan Black is that it feels like I can take a little second to be and regroup and re-energize because a show like that took a lot of my life and emotions and everything,” says Tatiana. “I definitely needed to sleep after that.”

Looking further into the future, Ms. Maslany says she’s not necessarily opposed to a spin-off or even a movie, but she doesn’t want to do something like that just to rehash themes already familiar to Orphan Black fans. It would have to be a new concept with an exciting plot. Otherwise, Tatiana says it would be defeating the reasons for ending Orphan Black in the first place.

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“But we finished this before it trailed on too long so hopefully it left people wanting more as opposed to being like, ‘Thank God that’s over,'” says Tatiana Maslany of ending Orphan Black.

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