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Bieber Reportedly Rejected By Woman He Tried To Contact On Instagram– Is He Just Unlucky In Love?

Justin Bieber seems to be looking for love on Instagram. The Daily Mail reports that a woman shared a screenshot of a message Bieber reportedly sent to her job’s Instagram account asking about her after she appeared in a picture on their page.

“Did this actually just happen… lmao Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF,” Jessica Gober tweeted.

In the message, Justin asked “Who’s that girl in the picture?” and used a heart emoji.

According to The Daily Mail, the avatar in the messages is the same that’s used on Justin Bieber’s official Instagram account. Of course, pop mega stars like Bieber sometimes don’t manage their own social media but there’s still at least a 50 percent chance that the “Sorry” singer sent the message.

The girl in question tweeted that she’s in a relationship, so poor Justin struck out this time. When it comes to relationships, Justin has gone through ups and downs during his career. According to The Heavy, Justin hasn’t dated anyone serious since his relationship with Selena Gomez ended. Since then, he’s been linked to actresses like Hailee Steinfeld and Kourtney Kardashian. Bieber was also briefly reportedly linked to Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia Richie.

In July, Justin posted a photo of him hiking shirtless alongside a stunning brunette. Justin didn’t caption the photo but it nevertheless started rumors that the two may be dating. Some fans thought that the girl in the photo is 23-year-old model Gabriella Lenzi but Page Six identified that it was actually a model named Audreyana Michelle.

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Justin may be making more time for dating since he canceled the rest of his “Purpose Tour.” Bieber performed 154 dates but canceled the last 14 which would have taken him to Singapore Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Singapore) and back to the United States. TMZ reported that the decision to cancel the tour was linked to a “spiritual awakening” that Justin has been going through since he joined The Hillsong Church and befriended pastor Carl Lentz. While the article stipulates that Lentz did not recommend that Justin cancel the tour, Bieber’s decision was reportedly based on soul searching and a new vision for his life path. That new vision may include a new girlfriend.

Only time will tell.


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