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Taylor Swift Reportedly Relieved Her Lawsuit Was Thrown Out, Hopes No Other Woman Has To Deal With This

Taylor Swift recently made headlines when DJ David Mueller sued her for “getting him fired” from his radio job after allegedly groping the pop princess. In retaliation, Taylor Swift countersued him for $1 to make a point about the fact that his conduct crossed the line. Both sides used the same single photo as “evidence” for the trial, Taylor Swift claiming that the photo proved he was touching her inappropriately and Mueller claiming that it proved he was not doing anything of the sort.

According to the judge, there is absolutely no proof that Taylor Swift got Mueller fired from his job, so his side of the lawsuit was thrown out. Still, Taylor still has a long way to go when it comes to winning the overall case against him.

An insider recently spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed how Taylor is feeling at the moment.

“She is relieved, but their is still so much more to go through and she is putting the focus she needs to put on it based on what her lawyers are saying to her.”

The star is also “confident but not cocky” that she will win the overall case, but is working diligently with her lawyers to ensure that is the outcome.

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The star is allegedly “not celebrating” and the source revealed that the case is not a party nor is it fun for Taylor Swift. She is partially hoping to make a point to other women that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and should not be tolerated, the way many women are expected to do.

The source also claimed that although she sees DJ Mueller’s lawsuit being thrown out as a major win, she still wishes it never happened in the first place.

While the alleged groper can not sue Taylor Swift any longer, he is still going to be making claims against her mother, Andrea Swift, to the jury. He claims that Taylor’s mother has interfered with his business relations and he can still sue her for damages after advocating for her daughter who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the radio personality.

Many are objecting to this, as although Taylor Swift is no longer on the “firing line,” her family is still very much at risk.

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