Farrah Abraham on the set of Single AF

Farrah Abraham’s New Film, ‘Axeman 2,’ Finally Gets A Release Date

Farrah Abraham has already stated that she is ditching reality TV to become a real actress, and now her first film, Axeman 2, is going to get a release date. The Teen Mom OG star has actually dabbled in some acting, aside from the adult-oriented films she’s done in the past, and she’ll finally get her moment in the sun.

Axeman 2 will be released on DVD and Blueray on October 17 worldwide, but it faced a few legal disputes in order to get to that point. Evidently, there was a fight over the only known copy of the film, which sparked a lawsuit. When the hard drive containing the film was finally returned to the writer and director of the movie, they were finally able to distribute it. Talk about drama.

The movie will also get a screening in Santa Monica later this month, though it is unclear if Miss Abraham herself will be in attendance.

The film itself is a sequel to the original Axeman, a slasher/horror film. Joston El Rey, the writer and director of the film, calls it “over the top bloody and disgusting,” and describes it as vulgar and crude. Farrah Abraham previously starred in one of his other films, Adam K.

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Although Farrah Abraham claims she is not an adult film star, the mother of one has recently been making more appearances at “gentlemen’s clubs” in Las Vegas to help with several of their events. She has also been producing “adult toys” with the likeness of her private parts.

And while Farrah Abraham insists she has given up on reality TV, the Teen Mom OG star recently returned from a world tour where she dated several men in different locations for the MTV UK show, Single AF. She now appears to be back home in Austin, at least for the time being.

Farrah has also been having issues with her ex, Simon Saran, as the pair have been publicly feuding via social media. Simon has called Farrah fake and a bad mother who leaves her daughter with a nanny too often, while she has countered by calling him a “gold digger.”

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