'The Bachelorette' Runner-Up Peter Kraus Thinks Rachel Lindsay 'Played Him' [Featured Image by ABC]

‘The Bachelorette’ Runner-Up Peter Kraus Thinks Rachel Lindsay ‘Played Him’

Peter Kraus still hasn’t gotten over Rachel Lindsay. After the Bachelorette star sent him packing in the season finale, Kraus couldn’t help but feel let down and heartbroken. Now that he’s had a few weeks to process it, however, he’s starting to think she was playing him all along.

A source told Hollywood Life that Kraus truly loved Lindsay and was devastated when she handed Bryan Abasolo her finale rose. Kraus couldn’t even talk about the breakup at first, but as the weeks passed, he started to question Lindsay’s intentions and now believes she was just leading him on.

“His feelings for Rachel were very real and they ran deep,” the source explained. “Having it end so abruptly with no real closure has been a huge kick in the heart. When it first happened he couldn’t talk about it without getting tears in his eyes. But now he’s at a point where he’s questioning if Rachel was ever even sincere with him, he feels like he got played.”

To make the situation worse, Kraus still hasn’t processed everything that happened between him and Lindsay on The Bachelorette. Not only did Kraus fall for Lindsay but he was also completely blindsided when she showed him the door. Unfortunately, Kraus is trying to mask his pain and doesn’t want to appear as though he is bitter about what happened, especially in public.

Lindsay shockingly picked Abasolo in the season finale of The Bachelorette. Although she accepted Abasolo’s proposal, Kraus still thinks he was the better man. In fact, ABC News reports that Abasolo believes he shared a special connection with Lindsay and that she would have selected him if he was ready to commit.

“I felt throughout the entire process that I was the best fit with Rachel. She and I’s [sic] connection was something very special from the very first date and unlike anything I’ve ever really experienced in my own life. And I felt like it was reciprocated,” he explained. “I didn’t really concern myself with the other guys’ relationships as far as their inner workings, but I did feel like ours was a bit above the rest. And had I been ready at the end, I don’t think she would’ve gone a different direction.”

Lindsay, on the other hand, couldn’t disagree more. Lindsay was asked about why she dumped Kraus in the finale and explained how they had other issues that made her doubt their future together. In the end, Lindsay just didn’t think that she and Kraus would ever get married. She denied, however, that his hesitation to propose had anything to do with her decision.

This day was a dream come true! Bryan you have shown me a love that I've never had before. You've challenged me in ways I could have never imagined. This road was not easy but you have been my rock and still are my rock through it all. We found love in such a public way but the depths of our love is something that only we will know and will have between each other forever. I would do it all over again if it led me back to you. You are my better half and thank you for being just who you are and never changing for anyone. Thank you for always taking the high road and thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you with all of me @thebryanabasolo and more than I could ever define to you! I am so excited to spend forever with you.

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Kraus has since responded to Lindsay’s comments. Kraus was a bit confused about Lindsay’s explanation and admitted that he was hurt by what she said. As fans will recall, Kraus told Lindsay that he wouldn’t propose to her in the finale because he wanted to get to know her better before making a big commitment.

“That hurt because that felt like she was — I don’t know, reaching for certain things,” he stated. “I don’t think we had any deep-rooted issues. I think we literally were just on two different points of a path at that point, both heading in the same direction but at different rates. And, yes, that hurt.”

Lindsay has not responded to Kraus’ statements. Lindsay and Abasolo are set to tie the knot after his proposal during finale but have not announced an official date.

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