Season 2 cast of "Below Deck Mediterranean"

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Stars Malia White And Wesley Walton Vacation In South Africa

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 finale episode ended with a cliffhanger when it came to Malia White and Wesley Walton. After Adam Glick revealed to Wes that he and Malia not only knew one another prior to boarding Sirocco but had something romantic going on and that Malia was still romantically interested in him while she was developing something with Wes, Wes confronted Malia about the deception. Malia owned up to Adam’s claims and admitted to Wes that she made mistakes and that he deserved better. Instead of lashing out at Malia however, Wes forgave her and said that he still wanted her. The two left one another pledging to stay in touch and open to the possibility of a relationship.

So did Malia and Wes end up pursuing a relationship with one another after leaving Sirocco? If so, are they still together? Luckily for the show’s fans, Season 2 actually isn’t over yet. Unlike Season 1, Season 2 actually ends with a reunion show. The reunion show, which airs on Tuesday, was filmed about two weeks ago in New York City. As the Inquisitr reported, the entire cast filmed the reunion show with Andy Cohen as host in the Bravo clubhouse.

Considering what a major story line it was this past season, the love triangle between Malia, Wes, and Adam and the current status of Malia and Wes’ relationship was likely a big topic of conversation during the reunion show filming. Yet viewers who follow Malia and Wes on social media already have clues as to whether Malia and Wes are together, for both have posted photos to their Instagram pages making it clear that they’re currently vacationing together in Wes’ native country of South Africa.

Starting from right after the Season 2 reunion show was filmed, Malia’s Instagram page shows photos of herself vacationing in South Africa, including a safari drive. While Wes isn’t in any of Malia’s photos, Wes’ page also shows pictures of a safari drive. It even features photos of Malia in South Africa with him. One photo shows the two gazing at one another, with Wes’ arm around Malia’s waist, before a dramatic landscape.

Life is always better in the berg (aka mountains). #views #SAfeels #freshair #proudlysouthafrican #belowdeckmed #belowdeck

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Another photo shows Malia and Wes goofing up to the camera.

While Wesley Walton and Malia White are clearly enjoying their time together in South Africa, it’s not clear from their social media posts whether they have committed to a monogamous long-distance relationship. Prior to the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 finale episode airing, Malia posted a long message declaring that she’s not someone to be won or anyone’s to claim. She declared that she’s “young, traveling, having fun and kissing boys” and that “life is too short to be boring!”

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