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‘BB19’ Spoilers: Alex Ow Wants Elena Davies Evicted, Veto Results Causing Chaos In ‘BB19’ House

BB19 spoilers have Alex Ow setting her sights on a new eviction target. These BB19 spoilers come from Sunday morning (August 13) as Alex gets even more frustrated about what took place during the Veto Competition this weekend. A report by fan site Joker’s Updates reveals Alex making a bold statement to the cameras on the live feeds. Alex has stated that she will make sure that Elena doesn’t make it to the top six this season.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Elena Davies had a chance to win the Power of Veto, but instead decided to take a cash prize away from Alex Ow. This particular Veto Competition was where each eliminated person had to choose a mystery prize that could have been good or bad. It included houseguests winning the Power of Veto, a trip, the “chance” to wear a unitard, or $5,000 in cash.

While not all the details about the Veto Competition have been revealed yet, it appears that Alex had the $5,000 in hand and that Elena took it from her this weekend. It’s certainly well within the rules to do that in the competition, but taking cash away from another houseguest can come with a lot of consequences, especially when it gives that houseguest a punishment. Making a move like that in a week where she is also on the block was very risky for Elena.

The punishment that Elena Davies gave Alex Ow in exchange for the $5,000 prize is a very rough one. Fans who watch Big Brother 18 may remember that Paulie Calafiore had to make a pie every time an announcement came over the speakers in the BB18 house. It was a sore subject for many people and houseguests, as Paulie often didn’t follow the rules and many times wouldn’t get out of bed to do the punishment. Alex has been doing her punishment so far, while she continues to seethe about Elena forcing it upon her.

While there may be details about Alex’s punishment that aren’t available in these BB19 spoilers because it hasn’t been revealed on the live feeds, a lot of it seems self-explanatory. Every time a bugle sounds on the intercom, Alex has to go camping. This entails packing up her supplies and hiking to the “campground” on the second floor where she must set up her campsite and cook hot dogs for everyone. It’s a labor intensive punishment that has the Head of Household fuming.

If Alex Ow had a choice, Elena Davis would get evicted this week. Since Matt Clines holds the Power of Veto, though, she can’t do everything she might want to at the Veto Ceremony. If Matt saves Jason Dent or Elena from the block, she will be putting up Cody Nickson in their place. If Matt simply saves himself, the vote would be between Jason and Elena for someone to join the BB19 jury. How this will all progress is going to be debated at length on Sunday and provide some intriguing BB19 spoilers very soon.

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