miranda kerr's fitness and skin care tips

Learn How To Get Miranda Kerr’s Smooth Skin And Perfect Body

Miranda Kerr shared her relatively simple fitness and skin care secrets. The model said that she only works out for 30 minutes each day. She likes to eat everything “in moderation,” and often eats food in its “most natural state.” However, Miranda will cheat “10 percent” of the time, reports Capital FM Kenya.

She spoke out about her healthy lifestyle and her secret to having a tall and lean frame.

“I eat foods in their most natural state,” Kerr said. “I do believe in moderation though and try to live by the 80 per cent fresh and healthy, 20 per cent indulgence rule. As for exercise, I start the day with at least… 20 minutes of exercise.”

The Victoria’s Secret Angel loves to squeeze a workout whenever she can. After all, she’s the mom to her 6-year-old son, Flynn, with her former husband Orlando Bloom. Miranda loves yoga and Pilates. She will also do some strength training and go on regular walks with her dog Teddy.

“I like yoga, Pilates, swimming, resistance training, skipping and walking our dog, Teddy.”

Kerr also shared her skin care secrets. She knows how to target “specific” problem areas before a photo shoot or a red-carpet event. The 34-year-old founded her skincare line Kora Organics in 2009.

miranda kerr's skin care tips
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“If I have a shoot coming up I target certain specific areas. I just try to keep active and walk as much as possible.”

Some of Miranda Kerr’s beauty staples involves a lot of oil. She admitted to Teen Vogue that she enjoys getting leech facials. She hasn’t done that in years, though. Her new favorite beauty treatments include acupuncture facials, cold showers, infrared saunas, Korean body scrubs, massages, and oxygen facials.

When she’s working out, Miranda loves wearing a face mask. She also treats a breakout by applying oil to it, which sounds counterintuitive but works.

“If I’m having a breakout, I like to balance the pH of my skin with my Noni Glow Oil,” adds Miranda. “I find that that really helps, even with treating it overnight. I put it on after cleansing, misting, exfoliating, and moisturizing — I’ll use my Exfoliating Cream every second night, too.”

miranda kerr's favorite workouts
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She also has a super-strict nighttime routine. Kerr may have 11 million followers on Instagram and has recently married Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel. But, she is strict about her use of social media and technology, especially before she goes to bed.

“I turn the Wi-Fi off, and don’t take phones or laptops to bed,” she told MyDomain.com “Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and a calm place. I also like to have a cup of calming tea, take a bath, and do a meditation to help unwind.”

Miranda makes sure that their marriage stays strong. So, she’ll make sure to disconnect from technology whenever she’s around her husband or her son. She would rather get to know her loved ones rather than keep up with what’s happening on social media.

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