'LPBW' star Matt Roloff holds his grandchild, Jackson Roloff, in this candid photo.

‘Little People, Big World:’ Matt Roloff Shares Baby Jackson’s Priceless Smile, Farm Expansion Underway

If there is anything that can be proven by Matt Roloff’s latest Facebook upload, it is the fact that his grandchild, Jackson, loves his grandfather dearly. In the Little People, Big World star’s latest post on the social media platform, Matt shared a picture of Baby J, smiling his most adorable smile yet as he looked at his grandfather with pure, undeniable affection.

After Molly Roloff’s wedding, Matt went to Surprise, AZ for some well-deserved R & R. Such a vacation was long overdue for the Roloff patriarch, especially since he was actively involved in the preparations for his daughter’s big day. In a Facebook update yesterday, however, Matt told his followers that he was already heading back home. Home, after all, is where the farm was, and more importantly, where Jackson was waiting for him.

Matt even explicitly stated that he was excited for his morning date with his grandchild. If Baby J’s latest Facebook photo is any indication, it appears that the baby date went extremely well, as Jackson could be seen in the picture beaming as he looked at the camera. Considering that Matt was behind the camera in the shot, Jackson seemed to be really happy that his grandfather was back home.

Unsurprisingly, Baby J’s latest photo has been received with an overwhelmingly positive response from Matt Roloff’s more than 600,000 Facebook followers. Many, for one, expressed their love as they commented on Jackson’s insanely adorable smile and his handsome appearance. Some even mentioned that Zach Roloff’s features are starting to become prominent in Baby J’s face.

“I just saw this picture of baby Jackson, and I am smiling from ear to ear. He is a handsome little guy, and it makes me so happy watching him growing so quickly. He looks like one beautiful and healthy baby,” one commenter wrote.

“Ahhh Jackson loves his grandpa Matt. He is such a cute baby. And his smile is such adorable smile. I’m sure he does looks like Zach!! He looks like a happy baby,” another commenter gushed.

Apart from Jackson’s latest photo, Matt also shared an update on the farm in his personal Instagram account. As could be seen in a brief video that the LPBW star posted, work on expanding the farm has already begun, and Matt has the perfect sidekick for the job — his rescue dog, Lucy, who could be seen in the recently-uploaded video keeping her human’s two-way radio safe. Matt’s recently uploaded video can be viewed here.

With the 2017 Pumpkin Season starting soon, Matt Roloff is beginning the preparations for the massive, family-friendly festival. Apart from this, the next few weeks will also be especially busy for the LPBW star, as the latest episodes of the hit reality TV show would begin filming soon. Overall, it seems like Matt Roloff would be incredibly busy again, but at least he has baby Jackson to smile his tiredness away.

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What do you think about Baby J’s latest photo? Does he really look like his dad or are his mom’s features still very prominent? Sound off in the comments below.

Matt Roloff and his growing family are featured in Little People, Big World, which is expected to start its newest season later this year.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]