Rey Mysterio Wont Return to WWE For One Specific Reason

Real Reason Why Rey Mysterio Won’t Be Making His WWE Return Revealed

Over the past few years, Rey Mysterio has been extremely successful wrestling for Lucha Underground and several other promotions since leaving WWE back in 2015. However, there have been a lot of rumors about Mysterio looking to make a change and his contract with Lucha Underground is set to expire soon. Rey has received a huge contract offer from Global Force Wrestling, but many fans were hoping for a WWE return.

It’s been reported that Rey Mysterio has been negotiating with GFW and WWE for a contract, but there are a lot more complications that have come up with WWE officials. For instance, it has been said that officials didn’t want to deal with the hassle of negotiating with Konnan, who was acting on Mysterio’s behalf. Rey is also at a point where GFW’s schedule and money offer are better than anything WWE is willing to give him.

The WWE Universe understood why negotiations fell through between Mysterio and the company, but that isn’t all the information on why the former WWE Champion won’t be making his WWE return soon. It has been reported that the situation between the two parties was blown out of proportion. There has been some communication between the two, but there really wasn’t anything worthwhile to bring Rey back to WWE.

Rey Mysterio Delivers the 619
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Apparently, Rey Mysterio is far more interested in negotiating with GFW because the schedule and other commitments to WWE would take a lot more of his time for a lot less money. Mysterio wasn’t interested in a non-talent PR role either for the same reasons. Rey has one of the most recognizable names in wrestling, so he won’t have any problem making more money on the independent scene than he would with WWE.

Rey Mysterio Was Heavily Rumored For Royal Rumble
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His departure from Lucha Underground is believed to be mainly due to financial reasons. He’s done some great work for the promotion, but Mysterio is at a point in his career where his goals are based on making as much money as he can for as little work as possible. A WWE return is inevitable for Mysterio, but since he still wants to work on a part-time basis, he’s expected to make a lot more money with GFW than WWE.

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