Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon Will Happen at WWE Survivor Series

Massive Creative Plans Revealed For Kevin Owens And Shane McMahon Rivalry After ‘WWE Summerslam’

For some time, the WWE Universe was under the impression that creative plans for Kevin Owens heading into WWE Summerslam were to begin a feud and have a bout with Shane McMahon. On SmackDown Live, there has been a lot of tension between McMahon and Owens as of late, but Shane will serve as the Special Guest Referee during Owens’ rematch for the United States Title against AJ Styles at WWE Summerslam.

The expectation is Kevin Owens will fail to reclaim the US Championship from Styles at the biggest party of the summer. More importantly, Owens will blame his misfortune on Shane McMahon. Many fans believe it will be a set up for a one on one match between the two men to take place down the line. While that may be the plan, it’s being reported that creative plans for their feud will take the fans into WWE Survivor Series.

The latest rumors are claiming that the conflict between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens will eventually lead to a huge “Team McMahon vs. Team Owens” match at WWE Survivor Series in November. The fans are expecting both men to act as captains for their respective teams and both men will wrestle in the match. It’s likely that McMahon and Owens may be the final competitors in the bout to end their feud once and for all.

WWE Officials Planning Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens For WWE Summerslam
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On paper, Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens have a strong babyface and heel dynamic that the WWE fans would respond to in a feud. The WWE Universe would appreciate the storyline, especially since it could be a very important rivalry for Owens on SmackDown Live. If WWE officials could keep the momentum of their feud going strong over the next three months, it may do a great deal to further establish Kevin Owens.

Shane McMahon is Expected to Be Developing A Huge Feud With Kevin Owens at WWE Summerslam
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It’s also being reported that WWE officials are planning to make the WWE Survivor Series PPV this year a much bigger event than it was last year. The powers that be want to keep the Raw vs. SmackDown Live vibe alive for the PPV, but they are looking to have more singles matches instead of having more than one five on five traditional Survivor Series matches. If that’s the case, Owens vs. McMahon could be the only match of its kind on the card, which means WWE officials will push it as the top gimmick match during the PPV.

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