'Overwatch' Summer Games 2017 Easter Eggs

‘Overwatch’ Summer Games 2017 Easter Eggs

The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is underway and along with the special event comes new special skins and the return of Lucioball. While the games are fun and the Lucioball side game is always a welcome treat, the fact is that the new skins are what most Overwatch gamers are talking about. Forbes actually ranked the skins in favor of preference in an article on Saturday.

With gamers going nuts over the new Overwatch Summer Games skins, here is a look at all the Easter eggs that some fans might have missed.

Soldier: 76

Arguably, the best skin in the Overwatch Summer Games series is that of Soldier: 76, who gets the Grillmaster: 76 skin. Of course, this is a basic old-man skin with the character wearing sandals with socks and decked out in outdoor grilling attire.

When it comes to the Overwatch Easter eggs, there are a lot of fun things to mention. His apron says “Raise the Steaks,” which mixes a Soldier line with the grilling pun, as does his “A-Salt Rifle” pun on the gun.

There are also special voice lines specifically for the Overwatch Summer Games. Soldier: 76 says “come here and get refreshed” and “anyone need some cold refreshment?” There is also a bar code number that is a reference to the British sitcom The IT Crowd.


McCree gets a lifeguard skin in the Overwatch Summer Games. Of course, the first thing that pretty much everyone noticed was that his belt buckle no longer says BAMF (bad a** MF) and now says SAMF. This has caused a lot of gamers to have fun trying to figure out what the “S” stands for, with most deciding it stands for “Safe” or maybe “Sexy.”

'Overwatch' Summer Games 2017 Easter Eggs
[Image by Blizzard]

There is also a fun Overwatch Easter egg where the tumbleweed that rolls by while he is in action was replaced by a beach ball. Other Easter egg has the gun called a “Desert Seagull,” which is another pun.


When it comes to Junkrat, he gets a cricket-flavored skin for the Overwatch Summer Games. He uses cricket balls as bombs and his skin has “Meteor” brand clothing, which obviously pays homage to sports teams getting sponsors.

However, one Overwatch Easter egg most people won’t get is the statement “Junkrat gives new meaning to ‘the ashes.'” So, what could this mean? Australia and England play in a very famous cricket series every year called The Ashes.

[Featured Image by Blizzard]