Ric Flair May Not Even Be Able To Beat Father Time In a One On One Contest

Real Reason Why Ric Flair Has Been Admitted To The Hospital Revealed

Naturally, the WWE Universe feared the worst when it was reported that Ric Flair had been admitted to the hospital yesterday. At the age of 68, not even The Nature Boy can beat Father Time. After the stress he has put his body under after decades of wrestling and his lifestyle outside of the ring, the WWE Universe became immediately concerned for Ric Flair after he was admitted to the hospital for heart-related issues.

Fortunately, Flair’s representatives are claiming that there is no reason for wrestling fans to panic because The Nature Boy was undergoing routine monitoring for issues related to his heart. It seems that his overall health isn’t in danger. Obviously, most people will keep an eye on Flair’s condition over the next couple of days and any major update on the WWE Hall of Famer’s condition will be reported as soon as possible.

Father Time is undefeated, so it’s only a matter of time because The Nature Boy is human like everyone else on Earth. However, it doesn’t seem like that time is coming in the near future based on how Ric’s condition seems to be and on what his management is saying. The WWE Universe can rest easy tonight knowing that he’s receiving the best care possible, and it’s likely that he’ll be out of the hospital sooner rather than later.

Ric Flair Has Some Backstage Heat With WWE
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The legacy that Ric Flair will leave behind is unparalleled to anything the wrestling industry has seen or is likely to see again. Recently, John Cena has been knocking on the door of breaking Flair’s historic record of 16 world championships. He is currently tied with Flair, but the likelihood of the former breaking The Nature Boy’s record is very high over the next couple of years, especially on the grandest stage of them all.

Ric Flair Has Been Hospitalized For Routine Monitoring
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Providing Ric Flair’s health remains good over the coming years, he will most likely be in attendance to give John Cena his stamp of approval as he breaks WWE’s nearly unbreakable record. That day should come in the near future. For the time being, the WWE Universe should be comfortable knowing The Nature Boy is going to be okay, and it’s only a matter of time before Ric Flair is back on WWE programming having fun.

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