Jenelle Evans Blames Jace's Outbursts On His Desire To Reside With Her

Jenelle Evans Blames Jace’s Outbursts On His Desire To Reside With Her

Jenelle Evans isn’t very popular among Teen Mom 2 fans. She has been in and out of trouble throughout her reality television career. From drugs to bad relationships, Evans has definitely put on a show for viewers. Fast forward eight years, and she is raising two of her three children, getting married, and is an official homeowner. While this all seems incredibly positive, Jenelle reportedly is having a hard time facing the reality of what has happened in her life. She recently released a memoir, one that fans say is a bit on the inaccurate side.

Right now, Jenelle Evans is still in a custody battle with Barbara Evans over her son Jace. She has not been able to regain custody since signing him over to her mom several years ago. This has been a tense issue between the mother and daughter duo. In a recent Teen Mom 2 episode, it was revealed that Jace has been violent with Barbara, and he has been acting out at school. When it was brought to Jenelle’s attention, she skirted the issue by making excuses. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans believes that Jace’s behavior is directly linked to the fact that he wants to live with her. While there may be a shred of truth to the story, some fans believe she is living in an alternate reality. Evans claims her son “doesn’t know the truth,” but there isn’t much that hasn’t been shown on the show.

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A lot has happened in Jenelle Evans’ life. Aside from the bad choices she made as a teen, she appears to be doing well in her relationship with David Eason. There has been a lot of criticism for the couple, but most would agree that this has been the most stable she has been with a man since she started filming Teen Mom 2. The relationship Kaiser (her son with ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith) has with Eason is undeniable. He has been present for the important parts of the little boy’s life, something that has been missing for Jace. Barbara does appear to be doing everything she can for the little boy, but she has voiced concern over his lack of remorse. Fans have speculated that this could be a more serious issue, but Evans hasn’t addressed it.

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The episode of Teen Mom 2 airing this upcoming Monday is going to showcase more animosity between Jenelle Evans and her mom. The two seem to get along in spurts, but the issue of Jace and his living situation seems to be when things get dicey. Evans feels like she should have all three of her kids under her roof, and Barbara feels like she isn’t ready yet. Unfortunately, the courts agreed with her mom and Jenelle only has visitation at this point. Jace is caught in the middle, and acting out is his way of expressing his feelings.

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